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Ratings are in for Matthysse-Postol, Broner-Allakhverdiev

Neither HBO nor Showtime did great numbers this past weekend as the two networks went head-to-head. Oh yeah, and both of them going up against college football certainly didn't help their causes.

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Well the numbers are in for the Matthysse-Postol and Broner-Allakhverdiev cards this past weekend, aired by HBO and Showtime respectively -- and let's just say things didn't go so great for either network. Normally the two networks going head-to-head tend to split their core audience, and throwing college football into the mix only further diluted their rating performances.

Nielsen Media Research say that HBO's Matthysse-Postol card averaged 663,000 viewers for the live broadcast, with the undercard bout between Orozco-Soto averaging more viewers that the main event itself (which is rare to say the least). Orozco-Soto averaged 698,000 viewers, peaking at 798,000, while Matthysse-Postol averaged 642,000, peaking at 814,000.

Showtime didn't fare any better, with the Broner-Allakhverdiev card averaging 400,000 viewers. The undercard fight between Pedraza-Cherry averaged 338,000, peaking at 514,000, while Broner-Allakhverdiev averaged 506,000, peaking at 609,000.

Both shows were drowned out by this little thing called "college football," with ABC's simultaneous broadcast of Notre Dame-Clemson averaging 7.6M viewers.

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