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Roman Gonzalez discusses fighting on HBO, getting PPV co-feature against Viloria

Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez is arguably the best P4P fighter in boxing, and he comes to HBO pay-per-view on October 17 to face Brian Viloria for the world flyweight championship.

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Discuss what is was like making your HBO debut back in May, making HBO PPV debut on Oct. 17 & fighting on the same card as GGG

"It was an honor to fight on HBO for the first time in May. For many years I've wanted my fights to be telecast to my fans in America and I was very happy that this was possible. Fighting at the Forum was also an honor as my late mentor and friend Alexis Arguello had fought there four times."

"To see so many Nicaraguan fans support me that night was very emotional for me. With the backing of HBO now all my fans in America — Nicaraguan and everyone else will be able to see me fight, it's truly the home of champions."

"For many years it was a problem for my fans in America to see my fights, now with HBO that is no longer a concern of mine.

"Fighting on HBO Pay-Per-View is a very big step in my career. I've never gotten so much attention for one of my fights. The press conference in Los Angeles was the biggest I had attended, it was great to meet more people from HBO and participate in the preview shows for the Pay-Per-View.

"Even while training here in Costa Rica there are a great deal of media interview requests to be honored which I am happy to do. The attention this HBO Pay-Per-View has been receiving will do great things for my career.

"All of the great fighters over the last couple of decades have been on HBO Pay-Per-View and I'm hopeful that I can put on a performance worthy of these great world champions. I'm sure that Brian Viloria and I will put on a show for the fans that we will be proud of."

"I was very happy the first time to hear that GGG wanted me to fight on his card. Not only is he one of the best fighters in the world but a true gentleman. His fans and team have been very welcoming to me and made me feel at home.

"Fighting in New York City at Madison Square Garden is a dream come true. This will be my first visit to New York City and I'm very excited to be fighting there. I hope Gennady's fans in New York City will be supportive and I'm sure there will also be a large amount of local Nicaraguans at the fight. It's truly an exciting time in my career and I'm so very thankful to GGG and HBO for making this all possible."

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