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Pacquaio says he's in talks with Mayweather and Khan for his final fight

Manny Pacquiao says he's about ready to call it a career and will probably only fight one more time in early 2016, while suggesting he's negotiating with Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan about his last hurrah.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Yesterday, Manny Pacquiao told ABS CBN that he's in negotiations with Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan for what would be his last fight in a professional boxing ring. Pacquiao, who's looking towards his future in politics, says that he now feels ready to leave the sport of boxing after 20 years in the game, and expects to have his final opponent selected by either November or December.

"I will fight anybody, anywhere," he said. "I am going to fight probably before the election.

"The election is coming next year, May, and before that I will probably have one fight."

Pacquiao suggesting he's in negotiations with Mayweather seems a bit counter-intuitive since Floyd announced his retirement from the sport just last month after defeating Andre Berto -- even if most people don't take him at his word. But Pacquiao wants to go out with a bang, it seems, before setting his sights on eventually making a run for the presidential office in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that Pacquiao and his promoter, Bob Arum, are on the same page, with Arum vehemently denying that there are any negotiations with Mayweather.

"I have no idea what he's talking about," Arum told Yahoo Sports. "He said it, not me. But I have had no talks with anyone about that. None. Zero. Not one. Mayweather is retired and I take him at his word. But second, you know there is no way that Mayweather is ever going to fight in the Gulf, even if he did decide to fight again, so it's all [expletive]."

Arum referring to 'the Gulf' is a reference to him attempting to stage a big Pacquiao fight in the Middle East, which he's talked a lot about in the past but has never really come together. But as Arum mentioned, if Mayweather ever did come back for another fight, it certainly wouldn't be there.

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