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An open letter to Oscar De La Hoya's open letter to Floyd Mayweather

Oscar De La Hoya "dropped the mic" on Floyd Mayweather, supposedly.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Oscar De La Hoya has a byline in the December 2015 issue of Playboy Magazine, which no longer features boobing tips, in which he delivers a truly hot take on Floyd Mayweather, his retirement, and how BORING and cowardly he was in his boxing career.

Among the hottest of these hot takes:

  • The Andre Berto fight was so boring Oscar shows it to his kids so they can go to sleep!
    fire emoji
  • Mayweather never fought anyone in their prime. Not ever, not even one time.
    fire emoji
  • Mayweather ran in fights.
    fire emoji

There's plenty more but let's get to why we're really here: my blogging response to this fire emoji of an article. With that, I will now open letter respond to the open letter. Prepare yourselves, because this might short your monitor or drain your phone of all battery.

Dear Oscar,

Just stop it. It's over.


A person who remembers you claiming that Mayweather-Victor Ortiz would break pay-per-view records and that Robert Guerrero was a real risk for Floyd Mayweather

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