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PBC on Spike results: Edwin Rodriguez gets off canvas, stops Michael Seals in wild three-round brawl

Edwin Rodriguez might have thought he had it easy tonight, but Michael Seals gave him all he could handle in an action-packed three-round thriller.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Edwin Rodriguez TKO-3 Michael Seals

The result alone makes it seem like this was a fight that was as expected, an untested fighter overwhelmed and beaten down in short order. Not quite. This was one of the most purely exciting fights we've seen all year. Rodriguez dropped Seals early, about 30 seconds into the fight, but Seals stormed back and dropped Rodriguez twice in the first round. Rodriguez (28-1, 19 KO) may have been lucky to get out of the first round, as he was out on his feet on the second knockdown, but once the fight resumed the round was essentially over.

In round two, Rodriguez drilled Seals (19-1, 14 KO) with a big shot late in the round, scoring a second knockdown, but he couldn't put Seals away. That came early in the third round, where he smacked Seals with another right hand that sent the underdog flailing to the canvas. Seals tried desperately to get up, but really couldn't, and the referee made the right call to stop the fight. If you missed this fight, catch a replay or find it somewhere. It's worth a look. Pure carnage, great stuff.

Fernando Guerrero TKO-7 Daniel Souza Santos

Santos, from Brazil, didn't present much real trouble for Guerrero, who at this point is a veteran who would be a gatekeeper if they had him keeping the gate. At 29, it's pretty clear what Guerrero's level is, and it's far from elite. But he got the win here, his second straight following a KO-3 loss to David Lemieux last year. Guerrero (28-3, 20 KO) wasn't exactly impressive, but he did have some fur on his boots. He lost the fur from one of the boots in the middle of the fight, which was less cool. Or more cool? I'm not certain. Santos is now 14-9 (11 KO), and was flown in from Brazil despite their being several fighters of his capability that surely would have been less of a hassle to book to lose to Guerrero.

Bryant Perrella TKO-1 Chaquib Fadli

With the first fight of the night ending well early, there was time for a swing fight, and that got Perrella (12-0, 11 KO) on TV. Fadli (13-6, 7 KO) is a French fighter but was reportedly going into the ring unaware of what's happening in France today. He was ruled down being held up by the ropes after some body shots, and then finished off shortly after that. Perrella, 26, could stand a step up in competition next, but we'll see what comes. He's a 26-year-old welterweight prospect and that's a shark division right now, but there are also plenty of various tiered gatekeepers.

Thomas Williams Jr TKO-2 Umberto Savigne

This was fun while it lasted. Not exactly the prettiest fight, but certainly some action. Williams dropped Savigne about a minute into the fight, but Savigne came back and put Williams on the canvas a minute later. The first round was pretty even -- apart from the knockdowns not a lot happened.

To open the second, Williams looked kind of clumsily aggressive, caution seeming to interfere with his desire to throw bombs. But when he clipped and hurt Savigne (12-3, 9 KO), he pounced, dropping the Cuban a second time about 1:15 into the round. Savigne got up on bad legs, and Williams (19-1, 13 KO) went for the KO immediately, winging extremely wild haymakers with both hands until enough landed that referee Keith Hughes stepped in and stopped the fight at 1:48 of the round.

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