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Mayweather puts Oscar De La Hoya on blast over his open letter

Floyd Mayweather says Oscar's open letter in Playboy only goes to prove that he's green with envy -- and that he's just plain bad at his job as a promoter.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Floyd Mayweather wasn't going to take Oscar De La Hoya's recent criticism of his entire career laying down - so he's firing back with some thoughts of his own on his rival. And here, Floyd gives his thoughts on Oscar's open letter.

"I think he's jealous -- jealous," Mayweather said of De La Hoya. "The thing is this, I mean, you see Richard Schaefer is gone. Richard Schaefer built Golden Boy. Honestly, who wants to do business with Oscar De La Hoya? I really care about a fighter's well-being. I'm just saying if Miguel Cotto was my fighter, if Canelo was my fighter, they'd be a lot bigger than they are now."

Now, in fairness, Mayweather has been known to throw his fighters into the deep end (and the "dog house"), which doesn't exactly show that his fighter's well-being is at the forefront of his consideration. But that aside, Mayweather does make some legitimate points that Oscar is talking out of both sides of his mouth when discounting Floyd's win over Canelo (by saying he was too green for Mayweather) -- especially since Oscar was the one who threw him in with Floyd in the first place.

"From what I hear, he said Canelo was too young," Mayweather said. "Well, that shows you how he does bad business by putting a kid that's too young in there. Genaro, may he rest in peace, Genaro Hernandez (Mayweather's first championship opponent in 1998) wasn't too old for me (Mayweather was 21, Hernandez 32). You want the big reward, you've got to take risk. That's what we do."

Floyd also goes on to say that Oscar really has no right to talk about the Canelo fight because he wasn't even in attendance on fight night [with De La Hoya being in rehab at the time].

"I'm just saying how can Oscar even speak on something when he didn't even show up? He didn't show up at the Canelo fight," Mayweather said. "What are we talking about? Drugs, lies and adultery. And dressing in drag. Me, as a fighter, I'm just saying, if I was a young fighter coming up, a guy that's lying, a guy that's on drugs, a guy that we don't know if he's going to show up, he's not 100 percent, I've only got to say one thing -- he couldn't be my promoter. If I was a young fighter coming up, I would not want Oscar De La Hoya as my promoter. Me, as a fighter, I couldn't trust him."

Mayweather effectively ends his thoughts by saying that Oscar is really just hoping for Canelo Alvarez to beat Miguel Cotto this weekend because he needs the win for Golden Boy to maintain relevance. Floyd has been in the ring with both Canelo and Cotto, and says he knows firsthand how much of a tough customer Cotto can be.

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