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Miguel Cotto crusades against sanctioning bodies: "Greed has got to stop"

During this fight week media interview Miguel Cotto says he's not upset about being stripped by the WBC, but that he believes their greed needs to come to an end as it's unfair to fighters. Check it out!

Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez arrived in Las Vegas for fight week, and with that comes tons of media interviews. In this media session, Miguel Cotto talks about Saturday's fight against Canelo Alvarez, stating that he'll need to utilize his entire arsenal to be effective against the younger Canelo. He also says that he has much more discipline at this point in his career and that if he had the same discipline when he was a younger fighter, things would've been different.

When asked about his personal feelings on being stripped by the WBC, he says that he's not upset by their decision but that he thinks its wrong for sanctioning bodies to recognize multiple champions in each division just as a ploy to get sanctioning fees out of them (which ultimately comes out of the fighter's purse). "Greed in the organization has got to stop," said Cotto.

Finally, Cotto posed a question to a reporter, asking him "You prefer to keep $1.1 million dollars in your bank account or prefer to give it to one of the organizations?" Obviously the reporter said he would prefer to keep the money, to which Cotto replied, "Alright. That was my direction."

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