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"Creed": A Movie Review

Bad Left Hook's Wil Esco gives his review of the upcoming Rocky sequel "Creed", debuting in theaters on Thanksgiving Day.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Welcome to Wil's Corner, where I cover all things boxing -- even fictitious. I got some free tickets to a pre-screening of the Creed film coming out next week, and figured "why not?" even though I can't stand most boxing films. Maybe I take these films too seriously, but I generally hate watching movies about "professional" boxers who always seem to fight with their hands down just to take turns smashing each others faces in.

Anyway, to skip straight to the point, and to refrain from spoiling it all for you, I will just say this -- GO SEE THIS FILM NEXT WEEK!

I was honestly pleasantly surprised with the movie, and not just because I went into it having low expectations for another Rocky sequel -- it was really just a good film. The story was engaging, the cinematography was excellent, the hot girl was hot (Tessa Thompson is on deck for my Woman Crush Wednesday), and there was plenty of humor and nostalgia to go around. Honestly, one of the tag lines for the movie was "new school meets old school" and I think that perfectly encapsulates what this film is, making it a great watch for those who loved every installment of Rocky to those who've never seen one before.

Oh, and did I mention the casting, production, and soundtrack were all superb? Even I couldn't help but get hype when Creed came out to Tupac's Hail Mary for the final bout. That aside, Sly Stone enlisted the entire HBO commenting crew, Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser of ESPN's Pardon The Interruption, and Michael Buffer (naturally) to add to the sense of realism. It also helped that there were a number of recognizable fighters in the cast to add to its authenticity. Tony Bellew winds up being the endgame in the movie, but not before the likes of Gabriel Rosado and a surprise appearance by Andre Ward gives you an "Oh Sh*t" moment.

I won't end this by giving the movie some kind of score, rating, or even a "two thumbs up." But I will give the film a ringing endorsement. Trust me on this one, you'll enjoy it.

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