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Cotto vs Canelo: Jim Lampley can't pick a winner, but thinks GGG beats either

HBO's Jim Lampley talks with FightHub about tomorrow night's big Cotto-Canelo fight, and the GGG question facing both.

Prediction for Cotto-Canelo

"I don't know who's gonna win the fight. 99 percent of the time I would stand here before you at 4:45 on Friday afternoon and tell you I know exactly who's gonna win the fight and give you reasons why, but I don't know who wins this fight. The only thing I know for sure is I think it's gonna be a heck of a fight, I think it's going to be a high intensity tactical battle. We're going to see a series of adjustments on both sides throughout the fight. I think it will be violent and will go into the late rounds with the issue undecided, and the chance that one guy might knock the other out, or that we go to an intense and fairly close decision. That's what I'm expecting to see."

On the winner vs Gennady Golovkin

"GGG's bigger than Canelo and Cotto. As a natural human being, I think he's a good 8, 10 pounds heavier than both of those guys, and it's a tough matchup for either of them. He's not only heavier, he's longer. You saw what that jab did to David Lemieux, and it's hard to pick anybody to beat GGG."

On whether winner vs Golovkin should happen next

"GGG's 33. If we're gonna see it, let's see it now. The issue needs to be confronted as quickly as possible for GGG because of his advancing age. I'm hoping that Canelo, if he wins the fight, will choose to fight him. But typically, you ask any top fighter int he world about fighting GGG, and the answer you get is, 'Oh, yeah, I wanna fight him, but not next. I've got something else to do next.' And I think there's a decent chance that Canelo, even if he wins a huge victory tomorrow night, might have 'something else to do next' before he wants to fight GGG."

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