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Teddy Atlas: Canelo looks drained, Cotto will take advantage

Teddy Atlas believes Canelo Alvarez may have beaten himself already, and he's switched his pick to Miguel Cotto.

Teddy Atlas' thoughts on Cotto-Canelo:

"I came here to say Canelo was too big, too young, too strong, and I don't know if I can say that anymore, because I watched the weigh-in. (Canelo) was drawn. He really was. That concerns me. I understand those dimensions of this business. I think the pendulum just swung on the side of Cotto a little bit.

"When you're as drained and gaunt looking to make the weight, as Canelo showed himself to be -- I know you got a day to put it back, and maybe at 25 years of age you can survive those sins. And they are sins, you pay a penalty for that. Maybe you can survive at 25, but it's not a good thing. And it definitely gives some help to Cotto, who came in here a 3-to-1 underdog.

"I think Cotto can win the early rounds. We've already seen Canelo exposed in the area of slow feet. I know if I was the trainer, and I know that obviously Roach is going to do a great job of having the right fight plan and having Cotto ready for what he needs to do, and for me what that would be is to use your legs a little bit. I'm not confusing Mayweather and Cotto, but I'm just saying, Mayweather showed, exposed, if you will, one of the flaws of Canelo: slow feet. He doesn't close gaps really well. He really doesn't.

"Now Cotto, he's not gonna be Pernell Whitaker or Mayweather in there, but Cotto can box a little bit. I'm sure again that Freddie's going to have him boxing a little bit, moving a little bit, keeping Canelo off balance, keeping him at bay, being able to do things before that gap is closed, take advantage of his cement feet. I think that he's gonna -- I'd be shocked if he didn't do that, and I'd be equally as shocked if Cotto doesn't get a big lead early.

"I didn't come here thinking that, but I think he's gonna get a big lead early. Then it's gonna be down to Canelo, the pressure and burden being on him, where he's gonna have to come down the stretch. You know what it's gonna come down to? Being the bigger guy, the younger guy, the stronger guy, but is he gonna be the stronger guy? Is he gonna have enough in his tank after he killed himself to make weight? That's gonna be the X factor. I'm gonna say right now, maybe not. Maybe the tank's gonna be a little empty and Cotto can pull off a nice upset."

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