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Abraham vs Murray / Perez vs Crolla II: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

World titles are on the line this afternoon in England and Germany.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

This afternoon ahead of the big Cotto-Canelo card, we've got some nice appetizers from overseas, with world titles on the line in both Germany and England. We'll be here for live discussion and coverage.

England, 3:00 pm EST (Sky Sports)

Darleys Perez (32-1-1, 20 KO) returns to Manchester to face Anthony Crolla (29-4-3, 11 KO) in a rematch of their July 18 draw at the same venue. Perez was seen as a bit lucky to leave with a draw the first time, but his team also feel he had an off night, and if Crolla did fight as well as possible against a less than optimal Perez, that would seem to favor Perez this time. But home field advantage can be a real thing, even though it wasn't the first time, so we'll have to see.

The undercard features Tyrone Nurse vs Chris Jenkins for the vacant British junior welterweight title, and Ryan Burnett vs Jason Booth for the vacant British bantamweight title.

Germany, 4:15 pm EST (Sky Sports, SAT.1)

Arthur Abraham (43-4, 29 KO) will be facing Martin Murray (32-2-1, 15 KO) for Abraham's WBO super middleweight title in Hannover. If Abraham wins, there is a chance he'll face Bernard Hopkins in early 2016, or he could go into a potential mandatory defense against Gilberto Ramirez.

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Anthony Crolla def. Darleys Perez by KO (2:30 of round 5)

Arthur Abraham def. Martin Murray by SD (115-112, 116-111, 112-115)

Ryan Burnett def. Jason Booth by UD (120-107, 120-107, 120-107)

Tyrone Nurse def. Chris Jenkins by UD (115-112, 115-112, 116-111)

* * * * *


Round 1: Crolla comes out and lands a couple quick left hands. Nice pace early here, could build into a very nice fight. Crolla with a right hand that misses high. Perez combo. Good right from Crolla, but Perez rolls with it nicely and didn't get caught flush. Crolla to the body, then snaps Perez's head back with a shot up top, but Perez fires right back with a nice jab. Crolla busier, takes the round with nobody landing consistently. Crolla 10-9

Round 2: Still a nice pace if not much landing flush on either side. Both guys throwing their hands, at least. Crolla's jab starting to work pretty nicely down the stretch of this round. Perez there with him and it's very competitive. I shade to Perez a hair this round. Perez 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Perez starting to establish his offense a bit more in the first half of this round. Crolla looking to the body a good bit. I just like the work he's doing in there. Crolla 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Crolla just keeping up the pace, great output from him. Perez swinging and missing a good bit. I like Crolla's body work. Nothing for the referee to do but observe. Enjoying the fight. Crolla 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Perez is fighting OK, but Crolla is fighting really comfortably tonight, like this time he totally expects to be as good as he is, and that he's got Perez rather well figured out. AND DOWN GOES PEREZ ON A BODY SHOT! IT'S OVER! A KNOCKOUT! ANTHONY CROLLA HAS DONE IT! Crolla KO-5


Round 1: Hot crowd in Germany, and Murray has his supporters, as well. Murray trying to set the tempo in this fight, looking for long jabs to the body. Abraham his usual self, content to wait for opportunities. Murray looking up and down with the jab. Rougher stuff inside, Murray holds to prevent anything coming back from Abraham, who lands a jab a moment later from some distance. Liked Murray on activity, since Abraham didn't do much other than defend. Murray 10-9

Round 2: Abraham's high guard is as impenetrable as usual, and Murray just trying to find little holes to get through. Meanwhile, he's the active fighter offensively, and Abraham just isn't doing much at all. Murray starting fast this round, working away. They tie up close again, and Abraham throws a couple of shots to the head. Nice right hand counter from Murray lands and they tie up again. Abraham does land a good shot late in the round. Murray 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Murray is coming out pressing with power shots, maybe stings Abraham a bit, and Abraham puts up the gloves and waits again. Murray with a hook, then jabbing to the body a bit. Abraham comes back with an awkward little combo where he winds up with one foot off the canvas. He might have landed a shot or two there. Abraham now finally taking the initiative a little bit. Murray lands a low shot, Abraham takes a moment with about 30 seconds left in the round. Murray 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: There is no mystery to Abraham, ever. He is a legitimately good fighter who has lived and died his entire career on the exact things he does and nothing more. Abraham still showing very little offensively. To be fair to Abraham, the accuracy on both sides has been pretty poor, but for Murray it's working better simply because he's doing a bit more. Abraham still hates body shots. I liked Abraham by a hair this round, though. Abraham 10-9, Murray 39-37

Round 5: Murray still throwing, mostly getting picked off. Abraham with a brief surge of offense that gets a rise out of the crowd, not sure anything really landed for him, either. Abraham with another solid round overall here, think he nicked this one as well. This fight is going to wind up controversial. Abraham 10-9, Murray 48-47

Round 6: This fight is statistically tight on the TV-sanctioned punch stats. Abraham starting to work behind his jab a little more to start the sixth round, and now throwing power shots behind it. Quick rush and Murray ties him up. Murray throws and lands a couple hooks tot he body to try and shut down any momentum, and leads again with a jab and a right. They're blocked. Abraham with a nice counter right that stings Murray. Abraham 10-9, 57-57

Round 7: Abraham stings Murray again, this time with a jab. He's more on his toes, moving forward here and there, the tempo being controlled now by Abraham. Murray gets a talking-to, stern style, from the referee for another tie-up. Abraham, master referee manipulator, has worked the referee into that stance. Murray with hooks to the body, Abraham ignores them and comes forward with his own shots. Abraham with a couple of hard power shots. Abraham 10-9, 67-66

Round 8: Murray coming out looking to stem the tide, and having some success in the first minute. Nice little body combo from Murray, and Abraham is coming forward but just sort of stalking, not letting hands go again. There's a good shot from Arthur, and Murray gets back landing a straight right. Murray with a hook to the body again, then a jab downstairs. Murray picking it up this round. Abraham shaken on a big right hand from Murray, and Arthur holding on! He's backing down after clinching, and tying up again. Abraham with the high guard and Murray trying to break it down. Abraham taking his time recovering. Arthur back with a little rush. Big round for Murray. Murray 10-9, 76-76

Round 9: Two thirds done and this fight is still in the balance. Murray staying a bit more active, Abraham moving forward with the guard up and throwing some counters. First half of this round is about even, and Abraham opens up a bit there. Murray fires back, head and body. Very close round. Abraham 10-9, 86-85

Round 10: Murray working and working, Abraham doesn't get anything big in this round to swing the momentum back in his favor, which has been how he's won several rounds. Murray refusing to go away in this fight, and we're still deadlocked going into the final two rounds. Murray 10-9, 95-95

Round 11: Murray loses a point for holding. Could be huge. To make matters worse for Murray, Abraham is tagging him this round. Murray may have lose the fight in this round. Abraham 10-9, -1 for Murray, 105-103

Round 12: Murray pushing some int his round, but Abraham also looking to finish strong, and it's about even with a minute left in the round. Murray throwing what he has at Abraham, but it's not enough to do anything dramatic. Bell sounds, both guys raise their arms. Murray 10-9, Abraham 114-113

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