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Miguel Cotto: I won 8 of 12 rounds

Miguel Cotto didn't speak to the media after losing a wide decision to Canelo Alvarez over the weekend, but he did offer up one statement once he touched down in Puerto Rico.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

It's clear that the official decision by the judges for the big fight this weekend left a bitter taste in Miguel Cotto's mouth. So much so that he decided to blow off the post-fight interview and press conference and opted just to head back to Puerto Rico instead. When the official scorecards were read, all you could see was Cotto mouth the word "wow." After that, he left the ring and we didn't hear another word from Cotto about his thoughts on the fight.

But with his plane landing in Puerto Rico, Cotto did offer one statement to Raul Alzaga of Primera Hora:

"When you have the opportunity to dominate eight of the twelve rounds, you don’t expect anything less than a victory," said Cotto.

Cotto-Canelo was the kind of fight that was a little difficult to judge, with unofficial scorecards from fans and media alike ranging everywhere between a Miguel Cotto win, to a draw, to a lopsided loss. The general consensus is that Alvarez proabably deserved the win, but not by the margin the judges had it. I suppose it's one of those things that questions what you favor when scoring a fight; do you favor activity, or are you only looking at who is inflicting more damage.

With Canelo being the clearly bigger man in the ring, it became very apparent that Cotto was going to have a hard time putting a dent in his chin. It also became clear that Canelo's singular shots hurt Cotto more than the other way around (which is to sort of be expected with that kind of size differential). At this point, whether or not Cotto feels cheated is missing the point, because it won't matter. The fans enjoyed the fight, and generally the entire card (sans that Rigondeaux garbage), so it's a good thing. Cotto also earned a huge purse, and didn't have to get too badly beaten up or knocked out as many predicted.

And now boxing moves on...

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