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Mayweather slams "ridiculous" scorecards in Cotto-Canelo, and Freddie Roach

Floyd Mayweather had a lot to say about the final scorecards in Cotto-Canelo, and blames Freddie Roach for not giving Miguel Cotto the right advice.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Not too much happens in the city of sin without Floyd Mayweather being privy to it. So with Saturday's big fight being held in Las Vegas, it was only to be expected that Floyd would have watched. FightHype just caught up with Floyd Mayweather to get his take on the wide scorecards in favor of Canelo, and Mayweather didn't hold back. When asked for his thoughts on the fight, Mayweather responded:

"Do I think that Canelo won? Absolutely. Canelo won the fight, but it wasn't no 119-109. Those crazy scores [119-109 and 118-110] that they had was ridiculous...I do think the fight was a lot closer than 119-109. That is fucking ridiculous. In my opinion, I'm not saying this is what happened, but in my opinion, either somebody is handpicking these judges or something is going on that's not right."

Floyd also went on to to mention that in his opinion these kind of things often happen in fights that Oscar De La Hoya promotes.

"You mean to tell me that Cotto didn't win at least 3 or 4 rounds. If you say 7 to 5 or 8 to 4, we can say that because a lot of rounds was very, very close in the beginning. What's so crazy is that it seems like it always happens when Oscar De La Hoya is involved. They said my fight with Oscar De La Hoya was a split decision, which we all know was some bullshit. When I faced Canelo, one of the judges scored it a draw. I got a split decision with Oscar, I got a majority decision with Canelo, and you seen what just happened Saturday night. I'm just saying."

But Floyd doesn't lay all the blame on the judges, nor De La Hoya for that matter. Floyd thinks that Freddie Roach did Cotto a disservice but not giving him the proper advice in the corner. Specifically, Floyd says Freddie should have been telling Cotto to pick up the pace instead of letting him feel comfortable in a close fight.

Oh but that's not all, Floyd also took this opportunity to criticize Roach's credentials as a trainer, saying Roach's high praise is often greatly exaggerated.

"I hear people talking about Freddie Roach is a legendary trainer, but I think Cotto was fighting the same way before he got with Freddie Roach. I think Pacquiao was fighting the same before he got with Freddie Roach. Both guys were already world champions before they got to Freddie Roach. But when Pacquiao lost to Marquez and he lost to me, they still keep talking about how legendary the coach is. When are y'all going to get on the coach's ass and say, 'You know what? This coach done a fucked up job.'

"I know he's not 100% healthy, so I'm not really taking shots at him. I'm just speaking fact. I don't have anything against Freddie Roach, but he's not a legendary coach. As a fighter, he was a club fighter, AKA punching bag. I'ma tell you who was a good trainer that Cotto had. The Cuban coach that was working with Cotto when he fought me [Pedro Diaz]. He's a good trainer; a very, very good trainer."

Well - this is a lot to digest, but I won't say that I don't find this all completely hilarious. Of course, none of this really matters in the end. The results of this fight, and the scorecards, are going down in the history books the same way Adrien Broner is going down as a four time world champion in as many weight classes by age 26, hate it or love it.

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