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Tyon Fury advocates for a doping free-for-all in sports

Tyson Fury says that boxing has a big problem with doping. His solution - legalize the drugs and let everyone have at it.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Tyson Fury sure knows how to stir up the controversy, and he appears to enjoy doing it -- either that or he just truly believes most of the crazy things he says. After talking about making a run for political office in the near future, then declaring Armageddon is upon us, Fury is now tackling the idea of drugs in sports. It would seem to me that if the end of times is near, everything else is pretty much meaningless, but maybe Fury just wants to cover all of his bases...just in case.

Fury began by refuting a comment made by Barry McGuigan which suggested any fighter caught using PEDs should be banned from boxing for life. Fury doesn't believe in that approach:

"I wouldn't totally agree with that because we live in a democratic world...The old fashioned ways ain't the ways so I'm all open for drugs because if we want to go forward in life and be in a democratic world, as they say, then I think being in a democratic world means that we have to be open to different things. Does it or does it not?"

Fury continued by acknowledging that PEDs are running rampant throughout sports, and a big problem in boxing, and thinks all sports should just address the issue by legalizing them - a simple enough concept.

Fury suggests that his "jelly" physique is proof positive that he's not doping himself, but says he's happy to open the flood gates of doping for everyone because he believes determination always beats drugs anyway.

"Why don't they just make drugs totally legal in sports, then everybody would be taking drugs then it would be fully fair then wouldn't it?" Fury asked. "It's none of my concern really but if the governing bodies want to do that then I think it would be a bit fairer because you've got all them people taking drugs and when you face a man who is not taking drugs it becomes unfair doesn't it?

"It's a disadvantage. So this is why it's a big scene, but if everyone was taking drugs then it would be fairer I think because you can't tell me that 99 percent of these sports people ain't taking drugs when they've got bodies like Greek gods."

I mean, sure. What bad could come from having juiced-up athletes pushing the envelope and punching each other in the head? I can't wait for Fury to become a member of British Parliament!

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