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PBC on NBC - Charlo vs Campfort: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Jermall Charlo and Errol Spence Jr return to action in a pair of showcase fights with something on the line.

This afternoon at 3 pm EST on NBC, Premier Boxing Champions returns with a card from Dallas featuring a world title fight at 154 pounds, and an eliminator at 147, with a pair of the sport's top young fighters in action.

In the de facto main event, Jermall Charlo (22-0, 17 KO) will make the first defense of his IBF junior middleweight title against Wilky Campfort (21-1, 12 KO) in a 12-round bout. Charlo, 25, trounced Cornelius "K9" Bundrage to win the belt in September, and is making a quick return for his first defense, as that was not a fight that took anything out of him. "Silky" Wilky Campfort, 31, is not a serious top-rated contender and is taking a huge step up in competition. He's never gone 12 rounds, or even ten, and he's only even been scheduled for a 10-round bout once in his career.

In the co-feature, Errol Spence Jr (18-0, 15 KO) faces Alejandro Barrera (28-2, 18 KO) in an IBF semi-final eliminator. Kevin Bizier is the current mandatory challenger for titleholder Kell Brook, and the Spence-Barrera winner will fight the winner of another fight to determine the next mandatory challenger, with a fight possible by the end of 2016. Spence, 25, is considered arguably the best pro prospect in the game right now, and is at least the top American prospect, while the 29-year-old Barrera has a paper record and no quality wins.

Patrick L. Stumberg will be on the round-by-round call this afternoon, so join him for the fights!


Jermall Charlo def. Wilky Campfort at 1:16 of Round Four

Errol Spence, Jr. def. Alejandro Barrera by TKO at 1:46 of Round Six

Erickson Lubin def. Alexis Camacho by KO at 0:42 of Round One


Jermall Charlo vs. Wilky Campfort

Round one: Charlo on the advance, sneaks a hook around the guard. Jabs from Charlo. One minute in. Campfort to the body. Not much going on. Some Charlo jabs. One minute to go. Right downstairs by Charlo. Campfort with a counter right. Right downstairs. 10-9 Charlo, I guess.

Round two: Charlo firing his jab. Left hook lands, then a hard counter right. They spin for a bit in the clinch. Charlo gets him to the ropes and tries to open up. Campfort to the body. One minute in. 1-2 from Charlo and down goes Campfort, although that may have been Charlo stepping on his foot. Campfort up and protesting. Charlo goes back to the jab when they resume. One minute to go. Charlo landing combinations now, sneaks in a hook to the body. Campfort just misses with an overhand right. Charlo to the body. 10-8, 20-17 Charlo.

Round three: Nope, that was definitely a knockdown on a stiff jab. My mistake.

Charlo staying busy with the jab. Combination, ends with an uppercut. Clinch. Charlo rattles Campfort with a left hook and chases him down with punches, knocking him down a second time with an uppercut. Two minutes to work for Charlo. He's keeping up the pressure, landing a hard 1-2 through the guard. Sneaky left uppercut. Campfort slings a pair of hooks, eats one in return. One minute to go. Charlo just throwing and landing so much more. Campfort lands a left hook near the corner, eats some counters from Charlo. He tries a 3-2 before the bell. 10-8, 30-25 Charlo.

Round four: Come on, Charlo, finish this so I can go watch Klitschko.

Charlo keeping up a steady diet of jabs and power punches behind them. Campfort has some decently fast hands but his jab and ringcraft are so far behind Charlo's that it's not a contest. Charlo blasts him with a left uppercut that hurts him again and Campfort goes to a knee, clutching his eye. He gets up, but tells the ref he can't see  and the fight is called. Thanks, Jermall.

Final result: Charlo def. Campfort by TKO

Ryan  Karl vs. Ken Alvarez

Round one: Karl drops Alvarez almost immediately with a left hook on the button. Alvarez makes it to his feet with time to spare and advances. One minute in. Solid hook by Alvarez. Awkward punches in the clinch. Alvarez landing more volume in the center of the ring. Nice exchanges at close range. One minute to go. They dig away in the clinch. Straight right by Karl, body shots by Alvarez. 10-8 Karl.

Round two: Not the cleanest fight so far but it's fairly entertaining. Alvarez throwing a let more volume. Karl takes him to the corner and lands another left hook. Clinch. Karl lands some uppercuts and seems to rattle Alvarez, who slips while trying to clinch. Alvarez tries to clinch and Karl nearly lands in full mount. Alvarez is insanely sloppy right now. Karl cracks him with a right cross, Alvarez clinches. One minute to go. Right by Alvarez seems to wobble Karl and he lands another. Alvarez wobbles again at the end of the round. I feel like something may be off with his leg. 10-9, 20-17 Karl.

Round three: Karl moving forward, neither man being very accurate. Sold right hand and left hook by Alvarez. This is a slopfest. One minute in. Solid hook by Alvarez, doing work in the corner. Clinch. Rabbit punches by Karl. One minute to go. Lead right by Alvarez. Alvarez goes down on a push, but the ref calls it a knockdown. Ugly fight. 10-9 Karl (despite the knockdown), 30-26 Karl.

Round four: Alvarez continues to press forward and wing punches. Ah, now I see the issue; Alvarez is crossing his feet something awful. Jesus, this is ugly. Alvarez flings a right and falls. One minute in. Karl with a right hand, then a combination. Hard led hook by Karl, then another. Alvarez with a hard right in response. Both dig to the body. One minute to go. Left hook by Karl. Some of these punches are so awkward I', not sure what to call them. Karl lands a right before the bell. 10-9, 40-35 Karl.

Round five: I feel like this is one of those fights that's so ugly it's not even that fun to watch. Alvarez clearly barely knows what he's dong in there and Karl's still having issues with him. Both land in the center. Long right hands by Karl. Right hook lands for him. One minute in. Oh my goodness, Alvarez's awful footwork. I can't look away. Karl bops him with a straight right, then walks him tot he corner. One minute to go. Karl with some massively blatant rabbit punches in the clinch. Hard right hand drops Alvarez once again. He makes it up, but Alvarez's corner signals to the ref to stop it.

Final result: Karl def. Alvarez by TKO

Errol Spence, Jr. vs. Alejandro Barrera

Round one: Barrera digs a right to the body. Spence with a left downstairs in return. Clinch. Nice uppercut and straight right by Barrera. One minute in. Counter 1-2, then body blows by Spence. Another left downstairs, Barrera comes back with a straight right. Spence whacks him with lefts inside. 1-2 by Spence. One minute to go. Barrera doing decently well with the jab. Both connect to the body. Nasty uppercut and straight right by Barrera, the second time he's landed that combo. Barrera backs him off with a left hand. Hard counter right hook, Barrera takes it well. Close round. 10-9 Barrera.

Round two: Spence pumping the jab early on. 1-1-2, then a right hook wobbles Barrera. Barrera exchanges with him on the ropes. One minute in. Spence with a left downstairs between clinches. Barrera to the body. Clinch. Hard 1-2 by Spence, who moves him into the corner. One minute to go. Spence cracks him with another left on the ropes. Barrera again catches him with the right uppercut. counter right by Barrera, followed by an uppercut. Spence digs a body shot at the bell. 10-9 Spence, 19-19.

Round three: Good lefts by Spence inside, then another upstairs. Barrera with a looping right through the guard. Body shot by the Mexican. Good straight left prompts Barrera to tie up. One minute in. Lead left connects. Both land their rights. They exchange in the center. Solid right by Barrera through the guard. One minute to go. Counter straight from Spence, body shot by Barrera, who slips while doing so. Spence jacks him with another straight left. 10-9, 29-28 Spence.

Round four: Lead hook by Barrera. They wing hard shots, Barrera connecting with a straight right. Straight left from Spence. One minute in. Left hand on the pivot. Barrera with an uppercut after eating a left straight, eats a bigger combo afterwards. One minute to go. Spence working behind his jab. He connects inside. Barrera with a right downstairs, then a counter right up top. 10-9, 39-37 Spence.

Round five: Spence continuing his forward advance, working the body. Good shots by Spence and he puts Barrera down in the corner with a flurry to the body. Barrera gets back up and Spence has a lot of time to work. One minute in. Hard shots upstairs and Spence is mixing it up, connecting high and low. Barrera's got the look of a beaten man and he drops to a knee right as the referee steps in.

Final result: Spence def. Barrera by TKO

Eddie Ramirez vs. Bilal Mahasin

Round one: Prodding shots in the opening minute, no clean contact. One minute in. Good right hand and series of left hooks from Ramirez. Mahasin with some hooks of his own. Left hook by Mahasin. One minute to go. Ramirez with another good hook. Body shots. Ramirez to the body once more. 10-9 Ramirez.

Round two: Rairez sticking out the jab. Counter right by Ramirez as Mahasin jabs the body. Both land left hooks. Clinch, Ramirez tries to sneak in uppercuts. One minute in. Ramirez with a combo to the body, Mahasin with a left hook upstairs. Lead right from Mahasin, who jacks his head back with a long left. Both go to the body. One minute to go. Nice body shot from Ramirez after a combination. 1-2 lands for him. Mahasin comes back with a 3-2, but Ramirez keeps up the body attack. Cross counter from Mahasin. Mahasin grinds him against the ropes until the bell. 10-9, 20-18 Ramirez.

Round three: Mahasin poking the body early on. Hard body shots and a straight right from Ramirez. Good combination inside. Ramirez does some very good work when he can plant his feet. One minute in. Mahasin putting on the pressure in the corner. Body shots by Ramirez. More body shots and uppercuts afterwards. One minute to go. Straight right by Mahasin, body hooks by Ramirez. Right cross by Ramirez as Mahasin tries to press him against the ropes. Mahasin cracks him with an uppercut. 10-9, 30-27 Ramirez.

Round four: Mahasin stays active in the beginning of the round. Ramirez comes  back with some jabs of his own. Nasty body hooks by Ramirez. One minute in. More body blows, with a couple shots up top sprinkled in. Ramirez continues to whack the body with conviction. One minute to go. Body shots, Mahasin comes back with jabs. Counter right by Mahasin. Right cross by Ramirez before the bell. 10-9, 40-36 Ramirez.

Round five: Lead right by Mahasin, then a long series of jabs and rights to the body. Solid shots by Mahasin early. Ramirez digs to the body. Ramirez baks him up with a 1-2. Good combination by Mahasin. Ramirez to the body in response. One minute in. Mahasin with a left downstairs and overhand right. Ramirez firing his jab. Combination lands, as always to the body. Counter right by Ramirez, Mahasin presses him against the ropes and they clinch. Ramirez fires off some good counters. 10-9 Mahasin, 49-46 Ramirez.

Round six: Very busy start to the round, Mahasin firing away. Ramirez thumps him with some body shots. Overhand right by Mahasin, body shots by Ramirez. One minute in. Ramirez sticking out his jab. Both dig downstairs as Mahasin takes him to the ropes. One minute to go. Mahasin just being much busier this round. Good exchange in the center. Ramirez backs him off with a combination. Nice uppercut and 1-2. 10-9 Mahasin, 58-56 Ramirez.

Round seven: Another quick start for Mahasin, prodding with the jab and straight rights. Hard combination by Ramirez, who continues to wreck the body. One minute in. Mahasin gets him to the roes. They exchange in the center, Ramirez exits with a right cross. Mahasin lands a looping uppercut on the roes. One minute to go. Mahasin continues to boss Ramirez around the ring, though Ramirez is landing the better punches. Hard combinations by Ramirez with his back on the turnbuckle. 10-9, 68-65 Ramirez.

Round eight: Mahasin comes out furiously, winging hooks and right hands. They clinch. Solid left hook by Mahasin. Right cross lands and Mahasin keeps up the volume. One minute in. Not as much coming back from Ramirez this round. Mahasin plodding forward, walks into some body blows. One minute to go. Nice right downstairs and combination to the head by Ramirez. Clinch. Ramirez putting together punches in the last minute, eats a hard hook before the bell. 10-9 Mahasin, 77-75 Ramirez.

Final result: Ramirez def. Mahasin by unanimous decision (78-74, 77-75 x2)

Erickson Lubin vs. Alexis Camacho

Round one: Lubin pops him with a straight left early on that gets Camacho's attention. Looping left hand connects. Another straight left. Camacho flurries inside, lands to the body. Lubin to the body as well, clinch. One minute in. Clinch. Lubin digs a right to the body, clash of heads pauses things. Big 3-2 rattles Camacho and a right hook sends him to a knee. Camacho's back up and seems steady. One minute to go. Lubin opening up in the corner with hard shots. Clinch. Camacho digs to the body, Lubin comes back with some savage blows to the gut and lands combinations until the bell. 10-8 Lubin.

Round two: Straight right lands for Camacho. Straight left and right hook by Lubin. MASSIVE right hook counter sends Camacho tumbling to the mat. Camacho seems to get his wits back but elects to stay down.

Final result: Lubin def. Camacho by KO

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