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WATCH: Teddy Atlas goes bonkers in Tim Bradley's corner

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Teddy Atlas is a lot of things. Coach, analyst, comedian. But when you get him in a fighter's corner, he becomes an otherworldly motivator, digging deep to spare TV cameras the general monotony and boredom of a live look-in between rounds, busting out some impassioned screaming like nobody else can.

Tonight, he had a bunch of memorable moments in the corner of Timothy Bradley, but none more so than this. "WE'RE FIREMEN!!!" is already classic Teddy Atlas. It was the moment it left his mouth.

You can't beat that. This was their first time working together, too, so in the future, Atlas may have even better, more personal things to scream about when trying to motivate Bradley.

And for what it's worth, the duo put it together well tonight, with Bradley dominating Brandon Rios and stopping the rugged challenger in the 9th round on body shots, retaining the WBO welterweight title in the process.