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Bad Left Hook Podcast #1 (Dec. 11, 2015): Previewing Joshua-Whyte, Donaire and Verdejo, more

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It's back! And better than ever! (That last part might be a lie!)

You wanted the most mediocre, you got the most mediocre! The Bad Left Hook Podcast is back with episode No. 1! Consider it a reboot, but don't call it a comeback. We haven't been here for years.

This first episode is just a sort of settling in and reintroduction, with some ideas coming as we go forward. The show will run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and you'll be able to listen right here on BLH, plus we'll give you a direct download link for each show, as well. As for other outlets -- iTunes, etc. -- we'll get there eventually. Hold on, you guys. It's just starting. Hold your horses.

Anyway, today I take a little less than 15 minutes to talk about Deontay Wilder vs Artur Szpilka, plus this weekend's bigger fights (Anthony Joshua-Dillian Whyte, Nonito Donaire, Felix Verdejo), and that's about it. These are going to be shorter for now, around 15-20 minutes per episode I'd imagine, unless I have guests, at which point the party will go on until "???"

Download the show and save to your internetPhone or whatever.