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Joshua vs Whyte results: Anthony Joshua tested, but finishes in violent fashion

Anthony Joshua got through some early difficulty to blast Dillian Whyte out in the seventh round.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In a fight that went longer than anyone expected, Anthony Joshua proved something about himself, showing he can get past his mettle being tested, and overcame a bit of trouble early to stop Dillian Whyte in the seventh round.

Joshua (15-0, 15 KO) had never been past the third round before this fight, which saw him meet his old amateur rival Whyte (16-1, 13 KO) in a true grudge match. The tensions were high early, as Joshua landed a shot after the bell to end the first round, which Whyte responded to in ugly fashion, throwing a couple of bombs at his opponent, leading to the entourages making their way into the ring.

Cooler heads prevailed, and the fight went on. Whyte did well in the second and third rounds, hurting Joshua a bit and looking to finish big. Joshua, though, proved he can take a shot, and though it took him time to settle in, once he did, and started jabbing, he was able to dictate the tempo and time Whyte better.

The last few rounds saw Joshua in pretty firm control. In the seventh, he blasted Joshua with a big shot, then jumped in to finish. Whyte was able to withstand some punishment again, but was then violently finished off by the big man.

"I made it tough for myself, but that's what I need. There's no rush, I'm gonna keep on building and building and building until I make my mark on this division," Joshua said after. "Once the rounds went on, I started relaxing, and I saw certain shots I could throw."

Joshua, 26, is now the British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion.

Here's the finish:

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