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Enzo Maccarinelli knocks out Roy Jones, Jr. in four

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An uppercut from the Welshman produced the first knockdown, after which an overhand right sent Jones face-first to the floor.

Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Roy Jones, Jr. had been making some hubbub about pursuing a cruiserweight belt, targeting the likes of Krzysztof Glowacki and Ovil McKenzie. Instead, he faced Enzo Maccarinalli in his newly-adopted home country earlier this afternoon.

Things did not go well for him.

After what seemed to be a fairly well-matched first three rounds, Maccarinelli (41-7, 33 KO) caught Jones leaning with a nasty right uppercut that sent the American stumbling to the mat. Though he beat the count, Maccarinelli refused to let up. He forced Jones (62-9, 45 KO) to the ropes, slammed home some uppercuts and hooks, and then knocked him clean out with an overhand right, producing a worrying faceplant.

This was Jones' first loss since getting thrashed by Dennis Lebedev four years ago. Coincidentally, this is also the only warm body he's face since then. Roy made it up under his own power, thankfully, but I just hope this is the end of his "comeback."

Still lots more boxing to go today, so keep it here.