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Bad Left Hook Podcast #3 (Dec. 16, 2015): Canelo-Golovkin news, Q&A on Pacquiao, Thurman, PBC

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It's Wednesday, so that means it's time for the mid-week BLH podcast, featuring all kinds of exciting ... talking.

Today's mid-week podcast is filled to the brim, if the brim is about 17 minutes or whatever it wound up being, somewhere around there, with thoughts on the big story in boxing this week, the agreement for Canelo Alvarez to face Gennady Golovkin in the second half of 2016, as well as some Q's about Manny Pacquiao and Terence Crawford, PBC and the Philadelphia 76ers, and Keith Thurman. These Q's are A'd by yours truly.

With Monday being review and Friday being preview, Wednesday is going to be the experimental day for the time being, so who knows what next Wednesday will bring? Probably more Q&A, but let's pretend I'm going to be incredibly exciting. Maybe one of these Wednesdays I'll yell stupid things for attention like seems to be the hot way to get over big in the media the last decade or so.

Anyway, here's the show. Enjoy, and thank you for listening! Tell your friends and lovers!

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