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Lee vs Saunders: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Live coverage begins on BoxNation at Noon EST with the main event airing on SHO Extreme in the United States at 5 pm EST.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

This afternoon from Manchester, England, a long-awaited and heavily hyped WBO middleweight title match comes your way, as Andy Lee (34-2-1, 24 KO) defends against Billy Joe Saunders (22-0, 12 KO) from Manchester Arena, with a second world title fight also set for the undercard.

Lee, 31, is making the second defense of the belt he won a year ago, following a draw in April against Peter Quillin. Saunders, 26, has won the Commonwealth, British, and European titles at 160 pounds, and this is the logical next step for him.

In the co-feature, Liam Smith (21-0-1, 11 KO) will make the first defense of the WBO junior middleweight title that he won in October, facing Jimmy Kilrain Kelly (16-0, 7 KO) in a 12-round bout. BLH will have proper live round-by-round coverage for the two world title bouts.

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Billy Joe Saunders def. Andy Lee by majority decision (113-113, 114-112, 115-111)

Liam Smith def. Jimmy Kelly by TKO (2:35 of round 7)

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Round 1: Saunders’ face literally trembling with nerves at the stare down. The first minute is two men staring at each other. Second minute is mostly two men staring at each other, a couple of flicking shots on either side. Saunders slips two shots from Lee. Nobody's landed anything significant. Saunders with a good right hook that catches Lee off balance, and that wins the round! Saunders 10-9

Round 2: First minute is again very tentative. That is a nice way of saying nobody's taking any chances whatsoever. BJS with a body shot. Lee clips Saunders with a left hand in the final minute, Saunders moves in and lands part of a shot, too. Saunders with a little right at the end of the round. Saunders 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Lee throws a long left, lands it, but Saunders doesn't get buckled or anything. HARD COUNTER RIGHT FROM SAUNDERS AND DOWN GOES LEE! He's up, but there's a minute left in this round. Lee throws a long left again and lands. Another hard counter hook and down goes Lee a second time! Fight back on, 45 seconds to go in the round! Lee in the corner and throwing, Saunders looking to end this thing! Lee works out of the corner, but he's out on his feet right now. Saunders just bombing away with big shots, but Lee staying up in his Fighting Irish logo stance. Lee survives the round! Saunders 10-7, 30-25

Round 4: Well, Lee's in a hole for the fourth straight fight. Can he rally again? First minute here is slow, so if Lee needed time to get his legs back, he's getting it. Left hand from Lee. Saunders has no intention of leading action in this fight, and so far so good. Saunders giving this round away, though, but it's winnable with 20 seconds remaining. Jab from Lee. Lee 10-9, Saunders 39-35

Round 5: Left hand from Lee to start this round. But again about halfway into the round, Saunders lands a big left, Lee taking that one well. Saunders dictates most of this round, and takes another. Saunders 10-9, 49-44

Round 6: Saunders continues to fight smart, not giving Lee anything to come back into this fight, and he's so far been able to avoid the big swings from Lee, like Lee is telegraphing shots. Nobody landed much in this round, but Lee had a decent body shot at one point, so I'll shade to him because I don't DO even rounds, BRO. Lee 10-9, Saunders 58-54

Round 7: Saunders' jab working a bit again this round. Lee has no rhythm, he's done nothing well in this fight. But he's doing a bit better in part because Saunders isn't doing a whole lot either. Both guys jabbing some this round. Lee landes a couple late shots. Lee 10-9, Saunders 67-64

Round 8: Saunders maybe doing a bit more this round, which is again extremely slow. Jabbing and jabbing from both guys. Lee seems hesitant to take another risk until he absolutely has to do so. Saunders 10-9, 77-73

Round 9: Lee lands a good left and Saunders does a silly dance because he's a good time guy. Lee jabs him. This is the best Lee has looked all fight, probably. Relaxed and his work is flowing better. Both guys jabbing some, but they're generally short. Lee 10-9, Saunders 86-83

Round 10: Lee still in a decent rhythm, at least compared to earlier in the fight. Saunders is doing what he can to hand this fight over, it would appear. Lee 10-9, Saunders 95-93

Round 11: Lee with a decent counter. Saunders, you know, standing around like he has been. Lee, too. This fight has been REALLY bad other than the knockdowns. Like, Worst TV Fight of the Year contender bad. Lee with a good shot with his right hand, which has otherwise been a completely non-factor tonight, and is his best punch. Lee jabbing. Saunders doing very little this round apart from one half decent left. Lee 10-9, Saunders 104-103

Round 12: There's a tenseness here but it's not resulting in any real action. Lee coming alive in the final minute, actually throws a couple body shots. Saunders moving. Lee back to the body. He's finishing strong, but perhaps not strong enough to get the win. Lee almost catches Saunders with a big left, but ultimately does not. Lee 10-9, 113-113


Round 1: Well, let's see if Kelly can prove he's worthy of this shot. That's the hope. "There’s only one Jimmy Kelly" chant. Kelly lands an uppercut from distance and a left hook to the body. Left hook back to the body from Smith. Another uppercut with the right hand from Kelly. Kelly to the body, Smith times him with a left hook to the head in response. Right hand lead from Smith grazes. Smith heating up as the round goes on, but there's another little flurry from Kelly, and a smart one, not haphazard. Left hook from Kelly, then a right to the body. Right hand from Kelly again. Good opening round for the challenger. Kelly 10-9

Round 2: Kelly banging to the body with the hook, shoots a right upstairs. Right to the body from Kelly. Two jabs from Kelly and Smith looks for a hook to the body, pressuring more this round. Right to the body from Kelly again, and he's working hard, keeping his hands moving. Uppercut from Kelly might have sneaked in. Uppercut from Smith back does land on the chin. 1-2 from Kelly. Right hand from Smith gets there. This is nice action so far. Nothing dramatic but steady work. Good lead right from Smith. Another one lands clean. Now he's got Kelly on the ropes, and Kelly ties him up. Another right comes in after they separate. Smith 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Good jab from Smith and a left hook backs Kelly down for a moment. Smith's pressure is really smart and effective right now. Right hand to the body from Kelly after he settles himself down. Smith with another left hook upstairs, though. Right hand from Kelly. Smith misses a right, Kelly pops him with a left counter. Smith definitely has the harder jab. Kelly with a clubbing hook to the ribs, then an uppercut gets in. Clipping counter right from Kelly, he's starting to make Smith miss more now. Good jab from Smith, then Kelly to the body and head with the hook. Can't argue with this fight. Kelly warned a second time for straying low, that's the last warning, one would guess. Smith with a couple good shots late in the round. Kelly 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Kelly starts the round nicely again, and lands another uppercut, and then another. BoxNation are sort of ignoring his work in the scoring. Smith with a right hand up top, bullying Kelly a bit. Kelly slips around out of the corner and shoves Smith off a bit. Referee warns both about the tactics. Right hand from Kelly clips Smith coming in. Kelly boxing nicely this round. Smith's pressure is not as effective as he'd like, but there's a good shot as he hurls with both hands. Right hand from Smith, then another one chops in, and there's a nice shot again from Smith. He's closing this round very strong, pushing Kelly back. Another stiff right hands. Smith 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: Smith coming out whacking to the body, Kelly throws uppercuts, nobody landing clean. Smith lands an uppercut, but Kelly comes back with a couple shots that get in there. Body shot from Kelly, a left hook that gets in hard. Another one gets in, Smith complaining that it was low. It was not. Uppercut from Smith is blocked. Two more good shots from Kelly. Smith landing heavier shots to the body now, and 35 seconds left in the round he's got Kelly backed down. Smith nails him again. Another hard right at the bell from Smith. He snakes this round late. Smith 10-9, 48-47

Round 6: Another wicked body shot from Smith. The power and pressure are taking over right now, and he's starting this round fast. This rounds slightly slower overall, but it's because Kelly's output seems to be dropping. Smith banging him around a bit now. There's a left to the body, a right upstairs, he's got Kelly on the ropes, literally. Flagrant headbutt from Jimmy Kelly. I mean flagrant. Two points docked and he's lucky he wasn't DQ'd. Smith going to the body again, then a chopping right up top. Smith pressuring again to end the round. Smith 10-9, -2 for Kelly, 58-54

Round 7: Smith continuing the pressure, Kelly seems to have run out of ideas at this point. He's not a bad fighter, Kelly, and might still be able to do something in boxing. But he's a bit overmatched here, just too high a jump in class. Kelly getting battered to the body and head, and down he goes, falling over from exhaustion. That's not ruled a knockdown but he's about done. His corner will wave it off. Smith TKO-7

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