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Walters vs Sosa results: Judges rob Nicholas Walters of clear victory, fight scored a draw

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Nicholas Walters seemingly dominated tonight's fight with a game Jason Sosa, but the judges came back with a majority draw in the worst scored fight of 2015.

Alex Menendez - HoganPhotos/Golden Boy Promotions

In an absolutely baffling turn of events that robbed Nicholas Walters of a clear win tonight on HBO Boxing After Dark, the three judges seated ringside in charge of professionally scoring the fight came up with a draw for Walters' fight against Jason Sosa, scoring the fight 95-95 on two cards and even more alarmingly, 96-94 for Sosa on the third.

BLH had the fight 100-90 for Walters. HBO's Harold Lederman had it 99-91 for Walters. There was no argument that Sosa (18-1-4, 14 KO) deserved a draw in this fight, let alone that somehow he earned a victory, unless one was to totally ignore body punches as if they were illegal or at least invisible blows, in which case Walters (26-0-1, 21 KO) still pretty clearly won the fight, but here we are.

The only consolation for Walters is that judge Tom Schreck's pro-Sosa card was overruled just enough by Don Ackerman and Wynn Kintz's draw scores that Walters doesn't have to take an even more outlandish first loss. But this is a hell of a way to have to lose your unblemished record.

All of this overwhelms the fight itself, which saw Walters work very well to the body, winning rounds consistently against a game but somewhat overmatched Sosa, who proved himself a solid fighter, just not one deserving of a draw.

How did you score it? Did you have Walters winning clearly, or have you, too, been drinking heavily?