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Erkan Teper fails drug test after knocking out David Price

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The Sauerlands are rightly miffed that the results took five months to come to light.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

I'm sensing a pattern.

Germany's Erkan Teper, who burst onto the world stage earlier this year by knocking out David Price, has reportedly failed a drug test from said bout. Price's promoters, Team Sauerland, are so angry that they've gone full Buzzfeed.

The story gets more interesting, though: German broadcast network Bayerischer Rundfunk claims that police discovered approximately all of the drugs in an April raid on Teper's apartment. World Boxing News did some legwork on the translation:

Bayerischer Rundfunk also claim that Teper is under investigation on suspicion of unlawful possession of doping substances such as clenbuterol, testosterone, growth hormone and Methandrostenolone after the drugs were found during a raid.

The B.R. link also claims that Teper tested positive for drostanolone after his win over Newfel Ouatah last June. As of this writing, the win has not been overturned.

Said commission has yet to comment on the situation.

If these allegations are true, they demonstrate massive incompetence on the part of Germany's commission. Despite the test failure, which the commission had to have known within weeks of the Price knockout, Teper has thus far faced no repercussions, and was in fact booked to face Robert Helenius a couple of days ago before pulling out due to injury.

And even that's giving them the benefit of the doubt about the Ouatah fight.

While we wait to hear more, let's take the time to give MordorFace mad props for calling it.