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Rocky Martinez, Orlando Salido set for third fight on February 20

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Rocky Martinez and Orlando Salido are going to go at it again in February.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Roman "Rocky" Martinez and Orlando "Siri" Salido produced a pair of thrillers in 2015, and will go at it a third straight time to kick off 2016, as the Puerto Rican and Mexican warriors will renew their rivalry on February 20, according to a report at

The TV and venue are still being put together, but the WBO has already approved the fight. Dan Rafael of says that both Showtime and Premier Boxing Champions are possible TV destinations for the fight, which will be highly anticipated by anyone who saw even one of their first two bouts.

Martinez (29-2-3, 17 KO) beat Salido (43-13-3, 30 KO) for the WBO super featherweight title on April 11 in Puerto Rico, a fight that was aired on a smaller tier independent pay-per-view in the United States. Word of mouth about the fight's excitement spread quickly, though, and led to a rematch being placed on the Mayweather-Berto card on September 12, which aired on Showtime pay-per-view.

That night, the two fought to a split draw -- Salido won 115-113 on one card, Martinez 115-113 on another, and the third was even at 114-114 -- in another fight that had more than its share of action, and stole the show on what was a pretty entertaining pay-per-view undercard.