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Bad Left Hook Podcast #7 (Dec. 28, 2015): Previewing Japan's New Year's Eve boxing spectacular

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Lots of world title fights! The last fights of 2015! Can you believe it's been a WHOLE YEAR of 2015? Wow, where does the time go?!

HEY! After a grueling five day absence, the Bad Left Hook Podcast is back for December 28, a Monday morning preview spectacular where we talk a little bit about what's coming up in Japan on Tuesday and Thursday, with a whole host of world title fights, plus the final Premier Boxing Champions card of 2015, also on Tuesday, but not in Japan.

For the love of all that is holy, or that you believe in, or whatever, send some questions to for Wednesday's Q&A sesh, because for the next couple of weeks there could be a real shortage of things to talk about without much by way of fights coming until mid-January. Do this and consider your debts waived. (What are you talking about? (I don't know!))

Thanks for listening as always, I appreciate it. Now ... listen. That would make me really appreciative.

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