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Bad Left Hook Podcast #8 (Dec. 30, 2015): Super-sized Q&A edition feat. Pacquiao, big fights in 2016, and much more

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Q&A! Quick thoughts on Tuesday's fights! It's the Bad Left Hook Podcast!

HEY! It's Wednesday! Podcast days are here again. Thanks to you, the generous and delightful reader/listener, this is a super-sized Q&A edition of the show! Discussion about Manny Pacquiao's next fight, chances that some much-discussed big fights actually come together in 2016, the new boss at HBO Sports (same as the old boss, or nah?), and much more!

As always, send questions to for next week's Q&A dump, or for Friday's show, or Monday's, or whenever if it's a matter of pressing importance, and you'll be featured on the greatest of all podcasts, this one. Thanks as always for listening, as I really do appreciate it and have been encouraged by the fact that so many of you are listening and interacting. That makes this enjoyable for me, and that is very important, to me.

Also remember that we are on iTunes, and you can (and should!) subscribe there, even if you listen here. Inflate those numbers, y'all.

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