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Evander Holyfield talks Mayweather vs Pacquiao, Manny's KO power, more

"There ain't no loser in Mayweather vs Pacquiao," says the former heavyweight champ.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On Manny Pacquiao's recent performances

"Manny is the type of fighter that fights the way that he fights, and he always makes adjustments. He can look great, and I never seen a time he looked bad. He ran into a shot one time. But you know what? He made no excuses. He got up and he wanted to come back. That's the character of a person, when a person don't make excuses. When a person says, 'You know what? I got hit with one I didn't see.' He got up and the next fight he came up and fought back. He's a good fighter. He's the type of guy, you can never count him out."

On Pacquiao's seeming lack of knockout power lately

"It all depends on who you fight. The whole thing is that, a lot of times -- he's a great fighter, the expectation is he's supposed to knock people out. Because he was knocking people out. But one thing I realized, when you start knocking people out, people stop fighting hard. They start trying to preserve themselves, they don't wanna get knocked out. They're not gonna win, but they don't get knocked out. I think that's started taking away from Manny's knockout power. When they thought he was too small, they kept rushing, he knocked people out. Then all of a sudden, everybody goes straight defense. It's become a kinda boring fight and it don't look like he's working hard, but the other guy don't try to win. They just want to say, 'You didn't knock me out.'"

On Mayweather-Pacquiao potentially getting made

"I really don't know about the roadblocks. All I know is it's two good fighters, everybody wants to see them. People fight -- other than becoming champion, you fight for money. So why not? Why not make the money? There ain't no loser in that fight. The two people are the very best. Somebody's gotta get the decision. Who's gonna be the best that night?"

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