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The Champ's Corner: Eric Kelly on sex and drugs

Welcome to the first installment of The Champ's Corner. First up is Golden Glove and US Boxing Champion Eric Kelly. WARNING: NSFW language

One of the brightest amateur boxers to come out of New York City, Eric Kelly gained popularity from headlining Madison Square Garden to being featured on "The Daily Show," "The Chris Rock Show," and as a special correspondent for VICE media. His acerbic humor and colorful quips during his legendary training sessions has transformed him into a media darling on the talk show circuit.

Eric Kelly on a boxer's lifestyle

"I'm 100 (pause) 10,000 percent against drugs and alcohol. I never had a drink of alcohol a day in my life. 34 years old no drugs."

Eric Kelly on maintaining relationships

"If you wanna keep the girl, you gotta eat the girl...whole heartedly."

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