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Golovkin: I'm ready for Chavez Jr, but want to unify at 160

Gennady Golovkin discusses his strategy from yesterday and responds to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

On his performance

"I'm great. This is my strategy, I told you before the fight, it's, like, 50-50. I need a decision fight and I need a drama show. Six rounds, just maybe boxing. Doesn't matter how, just practice. And after six rounds, just knock him down. This is my plan."

On whether Murray's toughness surprised him

"Yes and no. Yes, because after two knockdowns in fourth round, I am in control. I see it's just easy fight for me. It's very hard for him, you know? Just, I am very slow. And he is good fighter, he is great fighter."

On almost going the distance

"Yes, very close. I am very happy because I try. 11 rounds, nothing for me. Not tired, just slow round."

On whether the stoppage was late

"Ehh, no, I think it was very correct."

On his 19-fight stoppage streak

"I'm very happy, not just for me, my team. It's very good statistic for my team. I am very happy."

On Julio Cesar Chavez Jr challenging him to go to 168

"Oh, right now, my focus is 160 because my goal is all the belts in middleweight division. Of course I'm ready for Chavez Jr. I want this fight with him."

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