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Golovkin set for return in May but willing to move to June for Cotto

Gennady Golovkin will be back in the ring this spring, and is willing to hold off until June to accommodate Miguel Cotto.

Gennady Golovkin has a fight date set for May back in the United States, but since his ultimate goal is taking on WBC and lineal middleweight champion Miguel Cotto, that could change.

When asked about his next fight date after yesterday's win over Martin Murray in Monte Carlo, Golovkin said May, but a team member chimed in quickly.

"If Cotto is ready to go, we can move our date to June," he said.

Golovkin (32-0, 29 KO) took nothing away from Murray, who showed amazing grit and heart in the loss on Saturday, but also didn't pretend it was anything more than a routine outing for him, showing his trademark blunt honesty.

"After two knockdowns in the fourth round, I feel this fight is controlled by me. Really, he's not stop. He's move, he wants fight," Golovkin said. "Maybe the last round for him, just, he can't. I see, he can't. He's great fighter."

Asked if Murray (29-2-1, 12 KO) was his toughest opponent yet, Golovkin responded, "No, but he's smart. More experienced. After four rounds he's very close. Not a lot of move, just -- not like street fight. He's a very smart guy."

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