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Martin Murray: GGG has thudding power, can't remember second knockdown

Martin Murray put in an admirable performance yesterday in a loss to Gennady Golovkin. Here he talks about the defeat with Fight Hub TV.

On his own performance

"I'm obviously gutted I've lost. It's all I can think about at the minute. People are telling me, you went 11 rounds, nobody's ever done that or whatever, but it's not -- to be honest, it's not what I wanted to hear at this time. I've been beat and I'm gutted. I'll have to go home and see, watch it and see. See what type of performance I put in.

"Everyone's saying they're proud, but at the minute all I can think about is getting beat, so obviously I'm a bit gutted. I come up against a great fighter. I tried my best and there's not much more I could do."

On his plan going in

"Obviously, I wanted to outbox him. We knew he was going to be strong with the pressure. It was just about outboxing him, pecking him, interrupting him, which I thought we did a couple times. When he was loading up and we were just popping jabs, right hands, just catching him. And obviously we hit him with some body shots, but it was quite hard landing them, and quite risky as well, because he hits hard and the pressure as well.

"But yeah, we had a few things that worked in sparring. But sparring's a different kettle of fish when you're fighting someone like Golovkin with 10 ounce gloves on."

On the knockdowns in round four

"I can't really remember the second, if I'm honest with you. I know the first one was a right hand, I felt it just skim me. I'd never been hit with a body shot, and I thought, 'It feels alright, I'm gonna be alright, I'm just gonna ride it. See if I can stand up and ride it.' But it was a bit of a delayed reaction. The pain was too much and I had to take a knee.

"I got up and he put me down again. I had to get through the next couple of rounds, because he was tough in there. It was a tough fight, but I enjoyed it."

On Golovkin's power

"He's definitely the biggest hitter I've been in with. Definitely. ... It was like a thud. He definitely hits hard. It wasn't just that. You could kinda see where some of them were coming and ride them, especially that left hook to the body. But it wasn't just the power, it was the pressure. It was a combination of both. I hit him with a couple of shots, hit him with some body shots, got him with a couple of head shots that I thought might have deterred a few other fighters. But he kind of just rode it out and kept coming out. He was a good fighter and it was an honor and a pleasure to share the ring with him tonight."

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