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Tom Loeffler: Golovkin vs Cotto could happen in fall

K2 promoter Tom Loeffler discusses Gennady Golovkin's win over Martin Murray, and the chances of GGG fighting Miguel Cotto this year.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On Golovkin's performance

"It was a great performance. He fought one of the toughest middleweights in the world today. We have to give Martin Murray a lot of credit. He showed a lot of heart, he was fighting back. He lasted 11 rounds which is really hard to do with Gennady. It shows a lot of heart for Martin. And it shows for Gennady that he can knock guys out not only in the second or third round, but in the 11th round. His power stays all the way through. I think he's clearly proven now that he's the best middleweight in the world today."

On the fight going 11 rounds

"I was surprised. I thought really they could have stopped it earlier. It's unfortunate because Martin is a great fighter and he took a lot of punishment. It's hard to say, to judge when to stop it. But they could have stopped it earlier. But it was a great performance. You see now in Monte Carlo, the reaction he has here, and being live on Channel 5 in the UK, SAT1 in Germany, he's building his global brand. Coupled with HBO in the States, it really was a great event overall."

On what Golovkin said to him after the fight

"He has a lot of respect for Murray. Both of their training was outstanding, to go 11 rounds. It was great."

On Miguel Cotto and the path to fight him

"I want to see him fight Cotto! ... Martin Murray was the No. 1 rated challenger in the WBC. So it's kind of step by step. He certainly deserved that rating tonight. Cotto has one involuntary defense he's allowed by the WBC rules, then the winner of that fight has to fight Gennady. That's the path we're going down right now."

On when Golovkin-Cotto could happen

"Couldn't happen soon enough! But I would say in the fall sometime. Right now, I know Cotto doesn't have an opponent announced yet. Right now, Gennady's available. If he fights in May or June or whenever he's scheduled to fight. But we figure he's going to fight somebody else, and then after that he'll have to fight against Golovkin."

On Golovkin's next opponent (if not Cotto)

"It's hard to say. We'll go through the lists. We'll talk to HBO. The fight will definitely be back in America. He's always wanted to fight in Las Vegas, so maybe in June sometime. Or it just depends if it works out in May. He had a great reception in Los Angeles last time, so he's really opened up a lot of markets and has proven his marketability."

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