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Golden Boy officially announces Matthysse-Provodnikov

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The two have fighters have been claiming that the deal was close for the last few weeks, but now it's been sealed in ink.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Golden Boy and Banner Promotions made an announcement yesterday that the Matthysse-Provodnikov has been signed, sealed, and delivered. Well, not 'delivered' just yet, but come April 18th it will be, much to the fan's delight. The bout will take place at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, N.Y. (televised on HBO), with the winner expected to get another title shot.

"One-punch knockout power. Lightning-fast action. A likely world title shot to the winner. This bout has 'fight of the year' written all over it," Golden Boy president Oscar De La Hoya said, Matthysse's promoter. "This is a fight that fans have been clamoring for since these warriors were last in action, and Golden Boy Promotions is proud to deliver it to the fans worldwide."

Provo's promoter, Artie Pelullo, says that he expects to see the second coming of Corrales-Castillo I, a legendary fight that's still a pleasure to re-watch to this day.

"This has the making of Corrales-Castillo I all over again," Pelullo said. "This is the most fan-friendly and television-friendly fight in a long time. Both Ruslan and Lucas are real warriors, and it's a fight that both fighters wanted, so it was very easy to make."

The man ain't lying. This is as fan-friendly as fan-friendly can get. And it feels like 2015 is the year fight fans have hit the jackpot. With everything going on in the sport of boxing, it's hard not to be chipper - we've got a lot of good fights already on the schedule - I'm just hoping we can keep up the momentum...but I digress.

Although HBO has the televising rights to the fight, Showtime actually made a play for it, but HBO exercised their rights (which they had with Ruslan) to match Showtime's offer and ultimately win out - pretty much a no-brainer for HBO. So, the network will be planning a split-site card on April 18th, with Matthysse-Provodnikov and Terence Crawford vs. Thomas Dulorme at 140lbs.

Lucas offers his thoughts on the upcoming bout:

"I'm confident that I will win, and since Danny Garcia doesn't want to fight me again, this fight will prove that I am one of the best fighters in the world," said Matthysse, who recently signed a five-year contract extension with Golden Boy."

That's a nice little quip that Lucas threw in there. Danny got through their first meeting victoriously and doesn't appear to want to re-visit that situation again. But if Lucas keeps on winning he might eventually force the rematch. But that's a story for another day...

So finally, I'll just end this with a quote from Provodinkov's manager, Vadim Kornilo:

"I wish there were more promoters in the sport that are prepared to have their fighters take a risk and make the best fights for the sport. Usually the fights that everybody wants to see don't happen due to reasons beyond the understanding of the fans, and it should not be that way."