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Chris Eubank Jr: Golovkin isn't invincible, speed can beat him

Chris Eubank Jr (and Sr) is not taking his first pro loss as anything worse than a learning experience, and he's even confident he's got Gennady Golovkin's number.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On Dmitry Chudinov

"This guy is ready for war. He's looking to go toe-to-toe and have a tear-up. Saunders is not that type of fighter, he doesn't have that type of heart. He wants to steal and tie up and hold. So for this fight, I think it's gonna be -- for the viewers, I think it's gonna be beautiful."

On Gennady Golovkin

"He's definitely not (invincible). Nobody's invincible. Especially with Golovkin -- speed is what would kill Golovkin. Speed kills, and for him, he's got great accuracy, great power, but he's not fast. Speed is how you would beat a fighter like that."

Chris Eubank Sr: "That's why I say, when that fight happens, and it will happen, he's 32, 33 years old now. Over the next couple of fights, it probably would be wise for them to actually take the fight now, rather than leave it for later when he's a bit older. But in my view, Junior beats him. And that's what I'll keep on calling out. Why? Because it's the truth I see. It's my perception. And I've been a practitioner in this business, and I know it. I know the craft, I know the life, I know fighters. Certainly, Junior has the beating of that man. We're going to keep calling him out. He's got to actually get past Dmitry. He's got work to do. We're respectful of Dmitry, we're respectful of Golovkin, but we are warriors. We want to compete. We want to mark ourselves as number one. Why wouldn't we? It's what I know. I don't know anything else."

Eubank Sr: "Absolutely. Absolutely I would advise him (to fight Golovkin now). Fighting is about strategy, OK? It's obvious to see that he has speed, and speed -- you cannot control speed. So that's how he beats Golovkin. It wouldn't be wise of them to take that fight. But we have to get past this one first. 'We' -- sorry, Junior has to get past this one first."

On Saunders saying he could take Golovkin down "with an AK-47 with 100 rounds"

"It doesn't make sense. Golovkin is not hard to hit. He can be hit. Firing a gun, anyone can be hit. Saunders has always been like that. He's never really believed that he's on that type of level. For me, I don't care who you put in front of me. I'm gonna strategize and think of a way to beat the man."

Eubank Sr: "What it is, and why I am so sure, and I think the reason Junior is sure, is because Golovkin is not a person who steals. He actually comes to fight. He doesn't run, he doesn't hold. He's not what they refer to in our quarters, in boxing quarters, as a thief. He comes to fight. That's why Junior in my view beats him. That's how we feel about Dmitry Chudinov, as well. He's coming to fight."

On fighting Saunders again

"As soon as you put pressure on him, it's no contest, as you saw. Soon as I upped the pace and started pressing, he didn't have any answers. All he could do was hold on and survive. If I did that from round one, which I will do the next time we fight, it's gonna be no contest."

Eubank Sr: "Holding on like a baby when it's, like, in the seventh or eighth round, it's doable, but you can't hold on like a baby in the first or second. I'm not speaking disparagingly about you, Mr. Saunders, I'm just saying, you can't do that in the first or second round, because the fight is fresh. That's why Junior knows he has the beating of him."

On what to expect against Chudinov

"Complete domination. The guy's got nothing that I can't handle. He's not fast enough, and he doesn't have the willpower. Everything I'm getting from him, he's not -- he's not showing me that he's up for this. There's something about him. I'm gonna take full advantage."

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