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Miguel Cotto rips Bob Arum

In an interview with El Vocero, Miguel Cotto discusses why he parted ways with Top Rank, calling out Bob Arum.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Bob Arum and Todd duBeof were obviously unhappy to hear about Cotto's defection to Roc Nation Sports, and Arum himself came out to blast Miguel for swearing on his deceased father that he'd finish his career with Top Rank, even stating that Cotto was no longer a man for breaking that promise. But Miguel wasn't going to just sit around and have Arum emasculate him to the media, and decided to take the war of words straight to Arum.

"First of all you ask Bob Arum, when our contract ended in February 2011 he and I never sat to talk or discuss anything related to a fight. Every time I sat down [to discuss my future was] with Todd duBoef. So all I have left to say is that the man is a big liar," Cotto said to El Vocero.

"I have nothing to say to Bob Arum. He's never given me anything. What I have is a product of my effort. The money that Mr. Bob Arum invested in Miguel Cotto was recovered ten times over. This is a business and from my signing in 2001, I was a business in the eyes of Top Rank. Here is what's bothering them (Todd and Bob), that they'll no longer be seeing anything [from me]," he said in reference to what Top Rank expected to generate financially in future fights, co-promoting with Cotto.

Cotto then alluded to some sort of scam Arum was running, but wouldn't say specifically what he was referring to.

"One plus one is two in any language. They think I'm a moron but I'm not. They spent years doing the same practice. It has happened to three boxers who have realized that: Oscar De La Hoya, Mayweather Jr., and now, Miguel Cotto. With all three it was the same situation with the same common denominator...So in short, the hassle of Arum and Todd are simply summarized by dollars and cents," he concluded.

This is obviously not the first time Arum has been alleged to not give his fighters a fair shake financially. In fact, this makes me think that despite all the criticism that Al Haymon gets for his matchmaking, he should at least be lauded for this one point if nothing else - because as far as I'm aware, there's never been a fighter whose accused him of taking advantage of them for his own financial gain. Clearly that's a rare thing in this sport.

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