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Bob Arum: Manny's going to beat the hell out of Mayweather

Well, what would you expect his prediction to be?

On a prediction

"If you want a prediction, I hope it doesn't stop sales, but Manny's gonna beat the hell out of him. He has way too many guns in his arsenal for Mayweather."

On getting press interested for the event

"It hasn't been hard at all. It's joyous to have a turnout like this. Usually we have to go to the press and make a big pitch and ask them, please, will you come out? Look at this! I never seen anything like it. I'm gonna be nominated for Best Supporting Actor!"

On the fight itself

"I think it's gonna be an amazing fight, an amazing event. Five years have built it up. But again, even if that wasn't so, you can't turn back the clock, my friend. Five years, you can't go back in time. We don't have time machines."

On others helping to make the fight

"They are very great businessmen, and they're very persistent. And they weren't going to let boxing people, myself included, interject their ego and prevent a match that made all the sense in the world from happening."

On the delay to make the fight

"The good is that it's built for five years. If the fight had happened five years ago, perhaps it wouldn't have the excitement that it has now. Will their performances be affected by the five years? Maybe, maybe not. We'll have to see on May 2nd. Point is, you can't turn back the clock and make it happen. Five years ago is five years ago. Today is today. So we're looking forward to the fight on May 2nd."

On Manny winning

"It would be very satisfying. But frustrating because it took so long. And it really wouldn't have come together without Leslie Moonves and Richard Plepler."

"The fight's happening May 2nd, May 3rd in the Philippines. Manny Pacquiao's gonna win and get ready, every city in the Philippines will be ready to do big parades the following week."

"Let's just get this fight over with. Let's just get Manny's hand raised in victory, then we'll worry about a rematch."

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