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Gennady Golovkin lists his top five most desired fights

Gennady Golovkin is geared up to face Willie Monroe Jr on May 16, but fight fans want something bigger soon. What does Gennady want the most? Miguel Cotto.

On Willie Monroe

"Willie is a very smart guy and he has a different style. He's good moving and he's a southpaw."

On his win over Martin Murray

"It was my first fight this year. My goal is four fights this year. Martin is a big guy, a strong guy. It was like a practice fight, you know? It felt good after four rounds. I controlled the fight. I needed time for practice. Abel says to me, my coach, 'Can you please not knock him down?'"

On Miguel Cotto

"I respect Miguel Cotto. He's a big name, he's a great champion. Right now he has the WBC belt. I have the interim (WBC) belt. I hope for the future it's a good fight for us."

"I understand it's a business. It will take time."

Gennady's Five Most Interesting Fights

#5 Peter Quillin: "Right now, Peter, he's not champion. He's not real right now. For the future, yes, of course, I want to fight with Peter. But now, like, nothing."

#4 Andre Ward: "I respect Andre, he is great champion. Fight with him, my first focus is 160. Second, I want pay-per-view fight. Excuse me, Andre, fight with him now is not pay-per-view fight. It's not unification fight, not pay-per-view fight, just nothing. Just for fans. For future, of course, maybe next year, maybe for future. Of course."

#3 Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: "Not interest now because he's a lot of talk. He has big mouth. 172, 160, 165, 168, 175, like, he's not real. Not now. ... He's not serious. Not right now, no."

#2 Canelo Alvarez: "Saul, he's great champion. He's young, he's very strong guy. Maybe I need time for big fight first. Big pay-per-view fight. For fans, this is biggest fight. I respect Canelo. He is great champion. Right now, he think maybe he go to middleweight division."

#1 Miguel Cotto: "Miguel number one, because he's WBC champion and I have interim belt. I'm very close. Good name, good record, big name. My goal right now is Miguel."

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