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Mayweather Sr. fires back at Freddie Roach

Well I know you all didn't expect Floyd Sr. to just sit idly by as Roach continued to criticize 'the master' as a trainer.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is getting tired of Freddie Roach criticizing him as a trainer, and his supposed inability to communicate with his fighters between rounds. Sure, the man does stutter from time to time, but you could say that about a lot of people - and so long as his fighters ultimately get the message, then it really doesn't matter. But to fire back, publicist Mark McCoy called up FightHype with Floyd Sr. on the line to respond to the repeated slights from Roach.

"We were enjoying a beautiful day until we heard what Freddie 'The Joke Coach' Roach had to say. He had the nerve and the audacity to say some sh*t like that? Freddie, you have the problem, not me. Why are you not training all of your fighters anymore? Why do other people have to hold the mitts and speak for you," Mayweather Sr. commented.

"How can you be a trainer when you can't even hold the mitts. You ain't talking about sh*t. Nobody knows what you're saying anyway. You have others talking for you and holding the mitts for you. That's why I call you a roach. You're talking about me, but I sure as hell know Manny don't know what in the hell you're talking about. Manny don't know if you're talking about boxing or talking about taking a walk in the store. Freddie don't want Floyd Mayweather Sr. in the corner because he knows I'm the master. He don't want the master in the corner," he continued.

As far as I know, Freddie still does hold mitts for his fighters so I'm not so sure what Floyd Sr. is talking about here, but perhaps I'm not completely up to date on that. Either way, that didn't stop him from issuing a strong warning to Freddie, by threatening to sic Roger on him.

"All you did as a fighter was take numerous, heavy, hard blows to the head, and Roger [Mayweather] was part of it. Roger used to beat the sh*t out of you daily in the 80's at the Golden Gloves gym in Las Vegas. You might hide in the back of the arena when Roger hears what you had to say because you don't want no more punches upside your damn head. You're still scared of Roger Mayweather to this very day from all those 1980's ass whoopin's. When we get done whooping your ass, then you don't have to worry about anymore accolades. It's gonna be hasta la vista, baby! If you keep talking sh*t, I'm gonna start a world war. I might make Roger come down there and whoop your ass some more."

Now this part I find to be especially humorous because there's actually a lot of truth behind it. To Freddie's credit, he does admit that Roger was the better fighter of the two, and it's also fairly well known that Roger used to put the beat down on Freddie back in the day when they both used to spar against one another as pros. Those experiences (combined with their general disposition towards one another) cultivated much animosity between Roger and Freddie to where they still truly don't like each other to this day. Freddie admits as much when he says that if he and Roger were to ever step into the same room that they would probably still get into a brawl, even now.

I also can't hide my own personal hopes to have Roger and Freddie go back and forth a little bit, as that would surely be an epic build-up to the fight. Not that I want to see the two get into a physical altercation (which may be likely) but I would thoroughly enjoy the banter between the two. Then again, the real possibility of them getting physical may have been a contributing factor as to why Roger wasn't on stage during the press conference.

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