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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Teddy Atlas breaks down the big fight

ESPN boxing analyst Teddy Atlas talks Mayweather-Pacquiao, and lists three ways he thinks Manny Pacquiao can win.

On the fight happening

"I'm not being a Monday morning quarterback, I try not to do that, but the last couple months I said this fight was gonna be made. The only reason I did was their numbers have been down on the pay-per-view. They had to do something that would bring up and invigorate those numbers. When I didn't hear a guy named Miguel Cotto mentioned with Floyd, I knew this fight could be made. Because that was his other option. Floyd could fight Cotto May 2nd, and because of the great Latino fan base, that could've brought the numbers pretty good -- not to this point, but good enough to go forward. When that fight wasn't happening and I didn't hear that name, I knew that this fight was probably happening."

On his anticipation

"Listen, I'm sorry, I'm not gonna be a BS artist like some people. I don't know that I'm putting this on my top 10 most anticipated fights. Frazier-Ali, the first one, the first fight of the century, pretty big. (Louis-Schmeling II?) And yeah, with the whole world on his shoulders, pretty great man, that Joe Louis. And when you look at Tommy Hearns and Leonard, the first one, and you look at Duran and Leonard, the first one, those are pretty big fights. Will this be the biggest money-maker? Probably, because the timing was perfect. You have social media to the level that you have it now to bring this kind of audience out and bring this kind of attention to the fight. It's probably gonna be the biggest money maker. And also the timing was right because the fans were, they were lost. They were out in the desert walking around mindlessly, and they're looking for an oasis. The thirst, and they're dying, in their mind, and all of a sudden they look up and they see what they think is an oasis. And they run to it. You'd run to an oasis, wouldn't you? Of course, you're thirsty! You run to an oasis. So everyone's running to this oasis. I hope it's an oasis! I hope it's not a mirage."

On the fight living up to the hype

"I'm not sure it will. Because if you really, honestly break it down, Floyd's a defensive specialist. He doesn't make the greatest fights. He makes big money, but he doesn't always make the greatest fights. And Pacquiao used to make them, but he's a different guy, he's more of a boxer now than a seek and destroy guy that he was six years ago. And he's not as big, he's not as powerful as he was six years ago. I don't know why, you'd have to figure that out. They're two different guys now. I don't know if it's gonna be -- I don't know if the fans are gonna wind up getting water or sand in their mouth. I'm not sure. I hope it's water, I hope it's not sand in their mouth, because this fight is helping the business right now. Everyone asks me that question, is it making the business more relevant? Right now. But if it doesn't turn out to be a good fight, it hurts the business, because then people will be awful upset that they paid a hundred bucks on pay-per-view to see it."

On Pacquiao's giving Floyd a better fight than most opponents

"Yes, that's an easy question to answer for me. Three reasons. One, because he's got quick hands and he can match Floyd's hand speed, or be very comparable to it if not match it. He puts punches in volume, punches in parcels. ... The perception, talking about mirages, the perception of Floyd is really a misperception, that he's a combination puncher. He's really one, two punches at a time. He's a very careful guy, very conservative, doesn't take a lot of chances. Three things that give Manny a chance. One is his hand speed, two is he puts punches together in volume, and there's one other thing that I guarantee you nobody else is thinking about. Everyone talks about the hand speed, and Canelo got whitewashed, he was too slow. Canelo's hand speed wasn't that way off. But his foot speed was. You have to have quick feet to beat Floyd, to get to him, to match him. Pacquiao has quick feet. So he's got a chance."

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