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May-Pac already generating big bucks

There are some astronomical numbers being thrown around already, and many are projecting May-Pac to generate over $400M.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

It appears to be another one of those May-Pac days in the news so just brace yourselves. It's already being reported that the live gate for Mayweather-Pacquiao will generate $74 million from just over 15,000 sold tickets. Some simple math would suggest that means the average ticket price is nearly $5,000 for this event - all because of the extremely high demand.

"It's crazy, but it is what it is," Arum said. "It's amazing."

Assuming the PPV does get set at what is generally believed to be a $100 PPV and they hit an expected mark of 3 million domestic PPV buys, that adds another $300 million to the pool. $35 million is expected to be generated from foreign television rights with $10 million in rights already sold to the Philippines.

Televisa and Azteca (who compete for boxing programming in Mexico) have both bought rights to televise the fight for a combined $2.4 million, while Tecate and Corona were battling it out in a bidding war before Tecate won with a $5.6 million dollar bid.

"Tecate's bid is by far the record," Arum said. "We've never see anything like that on a beer sponsor. Both companies were after it. It's a huge number."

Tally it all up (which doesn't even include closed circuit sales) and we're looking at about $417 million in revenue. With Mayweather taking 60% of the revenue (about $250M) and Pacquiao's side getting 40% ($167M) both fighters are looking to break the bank in this one. Even with the networks and others getting a cut of this money on both sides, there will still be a hearty portion for both men left over. We're really looking at absurdly grotesque numbers for what's scheduled to be a 36-minute fight.

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