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Demetrius Andrade ultimately wants Golovkin on PPV

Demetrius Andrade has a very clear vision on where he'd like to see his career go from here, which ultimately has him fighting GGG on PPV.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Junior middleweight belt-holder, Demetrius Andrade, had a lengthy interview with RingTV, where he discusses why the Charlo fight never came off, and where he'd like to see his career go from here. When asked about why the Jermell Charlo fight never happened, Andraded responded:

"My promoter called me in November right around Thanksgiving time and told me there might be an opportunity to fight Charlo on December 13. I was like, "You guys telling me this now? It's November 13 and now I have to hurry to get everything going." I am professional. I said let's push it back to January or February. Honestly, I felt disrespected because I'm going to be the first fight of the night while Keith Thurman is the co-feature. I understand he's with Showtime and Al Haymon but he fought a 40-year-old guy [Leonard Bundu] no one even knew of. How you put him as co-feature over Demetrius Andrade? I was fighting an undefeated guy and I wasn't even seeing my minimum."

Andrade then went on to clarify the rumors that he turned down a $500k purse, which he denied saying it was 'only' $300k but that he would have definitely taken the fight on short notice for $500k. So when asked about the best case scenario for his career path at this point, Demetrius stated:

"I didn't want to include these twin Charlo kids but since they ran their mouths, I want to fight them both. [Jermell] and his brother, Jermall. Then they can get their big brother, "Lora" or "Lara" or whatever his girly name is. Then bring on Canelo and then a solid three years would have gone by and then I want to fight Gennady Golovkin on pay-per-view."

I can't say this series of fights for him wouldn't be pretty damn good. I mean, I think the Andrade is the real deal anyway. I remember watching some old video of him sparring a trainer of mine some years back (who was a good pro at the time) while Andrade was preparing for the Pan American games. Even though Andrade was just a young up-and-comer then, and obviously still an amateur, I remember thinking to myself, "Damn he's good."

Despite all the potential however, he's going to have to stay more active in the ring if he really intends on gaining any traction as an at-traction in the sport. He's only fought 3 times in the last two full years, hasn't fought since beating Brian Rose last June, and still doesn't have anything on his schedule at this point.

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