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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Roach details the bad blood with the Mayweathers

Freddie Roach spoke to On The Ropes Boxing Radio, giving his side of the story as to where the animosity with the Mayweathers stem from.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Freddie Roach just gave an interview with On The Ropes Boxing Radio, where in addition to explaining why he thinks Floyd's legs are shot, also discussed how the bad blood between he and the Mayweathers began many years ago.

"I trained in the same gym with them. I've known Floyd since he was five years old, he grew up in the gym, he just learned how to fight on his own. He was born in the boxing gym."

"Roger was in the gym some times and me and Roger sparred one time and he wasn't a big puncher when he first came out, when he was 126lbs and I was 122lbs. We sparred four rounds and I don't think I hit him once and I think he hit me a couple of times but he just ran all night long. The next day he asked me if I wanted to spar again and I said, 'No, I already did my roadwork this morning.' He got mad at me and we've never been friends since."

Now you can make of this what you will. As I understand it, there was a lot more than just one sparring session, but either way, I don't think the way Roach describes it here really makes sense as a precursor for any long-standing feud. Or maybe it was really just that petty between them, who knows. Of course, Freddie has be consistent in ridiculing Floyd Sr.'s inability to communicate with his fighters and has been continuing down the same path.

"There's dislike between us, they're not my favorite people but I like that the dad is in the corner and not Roger because the dad stutters and gets really excited and he really has trouble getting the information to his fighter out. I think it's a plus for us and I think Roger is the better trainer because he's been there longer, that's just my opinion at this point."

So basically more of the same. We're going to need a new point of friction and not more of this stuttering junk to really get things heated up. But as a better and more interesting question, who would you say is the better trainer between Roger and Floyd Sr?

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