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Amir Khan shuns June fight with Kell Brook

Eddie Hearn and Kell Brook are once again calling out Amir Khan for a June showdown at Wembley Stadium, a fight Khan is dismissing.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Kell Brook made the first mandatory defense of his IBF title in spectacular fashion this past weekend. After the fight, Brook and promoter Eddie Hearn called out Khan for a fight this June - a fight they've been seeking for at least a couple years now.

"Well listen, there's a little venue available on June the 13th. If Amir Khan's watching, give everybody what they want," Hearn chimed in during the post-fight interview. "Everybody wants that. Amir Khan hasn't got an opponent. He's talking about fighters that are on a much lesser scale than Kell Brook. It's the biggest payday of his career. It's the biggest payday available. It's for a world title!"

Amir Khan is dismissing the notion of June fight due to Ramadan, which I think is perfectly acceptable so long as he doesn't try to skirt the fight in the second half of the year - which would undoubtedly be a huge event in the U.K. But Amir is also worrying about the U.S. fans, who he thinks have no clue as to whom Brook even is.

"No one in America knows who Kell Brook is, whereas I can't walk the street without it getting crazy, everyone knows who Amir Khan is but it's a nice thing."

"June I can't do because of Ramadan, maybe that's why he's calling me out because he knows that I can't do June. Maybe the end of the year it could be done, I fight twice a year but that's because Ramadan falls right in the middle.

Khan then goes on to compliment Brook, saying he thinks a match with Brook will eventually happen, just not right away as he's eyeing the bigger fish in the 147lb pool.

"Whoever they put in front of him, he beats, so you can't really disrespect that but the fight between me and him won't happen until the end of the year or maybe next year. It's a fight I know that is going to happen but not just yet because I'm taking a different route."

That route would be the fickle yellow-brick-road that leads to Mayweather or Pacquiao. Amir has gone this route before with little to show for it, but I suppose one could admire his persistence. Ultimately, I think most fans would just be happy if he let those opportunities come to him as opposed to holding out for fights that don't come to fruition. If Khan kept busy in the ring, his performances would demand the fight, as opposed to just his mouth.

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