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Carl Froch: Khan is worried about Brook

Carl Froch tells Sky Sports that Amir Khan thinks he's too big to fight Kell Brook, but he's certainly not.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Carl Froch offered up his thoughts on what he thinks about the ongoing chirping between Kell Brook and Amir Khan. Froch states that it's a fight that should take place, but that Khan is concerned about the prospect of facing off with Brook.

"I think Khan thinks he's too big for Kell Brook and fair play to him, he's been around on the scene for a while and he's fighting in Vegas and Amir Khan thinks hes a big shot. But Kell Brook is the world champion, Amir Khan's got no title. If he thinks he can beat Brook then come over here and try and take his world title off him," said Froch.

Amir Khan has downplayed Brook's most recent performance against Jo Jo Dan by calling him "easy work" and saying that he's faced stiffer competition than Brook. I think that actually happens to be true, but I don't think it's an excuse for him to put Brook on the back-burner at this point. Froch then gave his analysis on the potential fight.

"It will be a difficult fight. It's a fight that could go either way. Amir Khan has got fast hands, he's got bags of talent, he's skillful, he's got fast feet he's got a high work rate but Kell Brook has now got that belief and he's got that punch. I think Amir Khan is worried by that punch - on his whiskers like Kell said!I think that's a fantastic fight that should happen - but probably won't."

Amir is now going back on the offensive, saying that the fight could happen within the next 12 months and that Brook is probably just trying to cash out on his career because he would likely end Brook as a professional fighter if they ever meet...

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