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Froch: Ward won't come to the UK

Carl Froch is dismissing the notion that Andre Ward could take a trip across the pond to face him in a rematch.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Carl Froch isn't making much of Andre Ward's proclamation that he would be willing to travel to the UK for a rematch. Specifically, while appearing on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Froch states that Ward has declined an invitation for them to meet in his backyard of Nottingham.

"I invited him over to Nottingham, to the City Ground, the home of my football club, and he declined. Now he's saying maybe he would come to England but he's definitely not coming to Nottingham. He's missing the boat there. I think that ship has sailed now because the window of opportunity to fight at Nottingham Forest, like any football ground is very tight. It would have been the end of May or early June," said Froch.

I can't say I blame Ward for not necessarily wanting to step right in the heart of the lion's den in Nottingham, worried that he might not get a fair shake, but he could use a high profile bout and Froch has more negotiating leverage than does Ward at this point.

"I don't think he will come to England now. I don't even think he can do super-middleweight. He won an Olympic gold medal at light-heavyweight, he always struggles to fight at super-middleweight and I don't know if you have seen the size of him lately but he's walking around at 200lb. It's all hot air. It's all smoke and mirrors. I'm trying to get the fight with Julio Caesar Chavez Jr."

Clearly a fight with Chavez Jr. would be the preferential match-up for Froch, especially given that it would be for good money against a much easier opponent, so I don't necessarily blame him for targeting that fight in the twilight of his career. The question is, will Ward be willing to make enough concessions to get himself a big fight after his years of relative inactivity?

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