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Keith Thurman: "KOs for Life"

Keith Thurman has been spouting off his new motto in anticipation of his fight this weekend.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

KOs for Life! All Day, Everyday - or something like that. This is Keith's mantra and is expecting nothing less than Robert Guerrero becoming the twenty-second victim of his KO power.

"I don't expect him to last 12 rounds," Thurman told with the utmost confidence. "He takes a punch to give one and I only need one. It won't be a knockdown, it will be a knockout and it doesn't matter if it's to the head or the body."

I love this analysis, short and sweet. And it's not just like Thurman is running his mouth off, he actually is a cerebral person and it's no mystery that Guerrero does often like to take one to give one, but we'll have to see if his chin can hold up to Thurman's power.

Despite his trademark power though, there wasn't a KO in his last outing against Leonard Bundu (an awkward fighter indeed), which may have accounted for a less-than-thrilling bout that drew more than a few boo's from the crowd. Thurman also didn't press the issue at any point, preferring to box-and-move which he readily acknowledges.

"People probably did want a more entertaining fight and I could have done more but I was pitching a shutout," he said in a "what-more-do-you-want-from-me" tone. As for the jeers, Thurman believes it had nothing to do with his performance. "I saw the booing as Amir Khan fans hating on Keith Thurman," he explained. "The booing wasn't coming from the whole arena. The majority was coming from a certain section."

But no one with the motto of "KOs for Life" can afford to continue going to the scorecards if they're going to be taken seriously (like - imagine if that was Paulie Malignaggi's motto). So Thurman is anticipating getting the shows over with early and bringing the knockouts back, starting with Guerrero.

"I get an opportunity to bring boxing back," Thurman said of being called to headline the "PBC on NBC" card. "The more exciting it is the more its going to be talked about and more people are going to be curious about tuning into the next show on NBC and eventually the next Keith Thurman fight. It's a great opportunity to build our fan base in one fight."

If Thurman can up his profile on NBC, he's hoping that he can get the big names in the welterweight division, who he thinks will no longer be able to duck him. Namely he's mentioned the likes of Marcos Maidana, someone he thinks a win against can propel him to a bout with Floyd Mayweather. Does anyone out there think Thurman could actually take Mayweather at this point?

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