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Kirkland discusses his new trainer and team

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Fighthype caught some video footage of Kirkland speaking to the media, particularly discussing how he put his team together for this training camp.

Since we've been discussing the topic of Kirkland leaving Anne Wolfe again recently, I thought it would be worthwhile to provide his take on how he put his training team together for the biggest fight of his career.

"Same thing I've been doing. Just hard work...everybody said I was y'all can see...I'm mentally prepared and ready for the fight...I did my research...the best team far as me being out of the ring, I've always been working," said Kirkland.

James joked with the media that he found his new trainer through a Google search, which garnered some laughs, but followed that by saying that he did his research when putting his team together. Particularly, he said that he wanted to make sure any team he put together would be "harder, and the best team possible." Now I've seen more than a few training camps and I honestly can't think there is anyone in the western hemisphere with a harder training camp than Anne Wolfe. I mean, I've once seen video footage of her wrapping a 50-pound "slave chain" around some kid's arms before making him run 4 miles with it. And that's just amateur training.

In the end though, these are all Kirkland's decisions to make and if he feels more confident in his current team then so be it. The fight itself will tell the real tale...