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Laila Ali: Ronda Rousey is too small to beat me in a fight

Laila Ali still has all the confidence in the world in her fighting ability, eight years after her last pro fight.

Harry How/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Laila Ali, who went 24-0 as a professional boxer from 1999-2007, claims that no woman alive can beat her in a fight, and that includes UFC bantamweight champion and superstar Ronda Rousey, who most recently tapped out top star Cat Zingano in just 14 seconds.

Ali told TMZ that, "No woman can beat me. No woman," when asked about Ronda Rousey, but also said that she "wasn't even going to answer that," because Ali isn't a UFC fighter and Rousey isn't a boxer.

"Of course (Ronda can't beat me)," Ali continued. "She's too much smaller than me anyway. She's like the size of my daughter, my three-year-old."

It is somewhat frightening that Laila Ali apparently has a 5'7", 135-pound daughter, but realistically, yes, Laila Ali is much bigger than Ronda Rousey. Ali fought at 168 pounds during her career and is 5'10". So she's bigger. Of course, Ronda Rousey is also a world class judo practitioner, but then that's a whole other discussion.

Here's a really stupid question: wOULD LAILA ALi beat RondA ROUSEY!?

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