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FNF - Boxcino Semifinals 2015: Live results and round-by-round coverage

The Boxcino tournament is back tonight on Friday Night Fights, with semifinal action in two divisions.

Tonight at 9 pm EST on ESPN2, the Boxcino semifinals in the junior middleweight and heavyweight divisions come your way on Friday Night Fights, and Connor Ruebusch will be here with live coverage of the bouts.

Four fights are scheduled for the show, all set for 8 rounds, with tiebreaker rounds in place in case of a draw after those eight rounds.

In the junior middleweight division, we'll see Stanyslav Skorokhod (9-0, 7 KO) take on John Thompson (15-1, 5 KO), and Brandon Adams (16-1, 11 KO) facing Vito Gasparyan (15-3-5, 8 KO). The heavyweights fill feature Andrey Fedosov (26-3, 21 KO) against Lenroy Thomas (19-3, 9 KO), plus Razvan Cojanu (13-1, 7 KO) taking on Donovan Dennis (11-1, 9 KO).

The winners of these fights will meet next month to determine the 2015 Boxcino champions.


Brandon Adams defeats Vito Gasparyan by TKO (gross swollen ear), 0:35 of round 7

John Thompson defeats Stanyslav Skorokhod by split decision (78-74, 77-75, 78-74)

Donovan Dennis defeats Razvan Cojanu by KO, 0:59 of round 2

Andrey Fedosov defeats Lenroy Thomas by TKO, 1:01 of round 3


Brandon Adams vs Vito Gasparyan

Round 1: Adams is the one firing punches early, but Gasparyan is having no trouble picking them off with his gloves and forearms. Adams gets in with one nice right to the body, and Gasparyan curiously opts to clinch with him. It looks like Vito plans to pressure Adams--that's probably wise, considering what a force Adams is going forward. Gasparyan mashes Adams into the ropes and goes to his body, popping him in the chin with a short uppercut. Adams lands only two punches in return, but they look far harder than Gasparyan's pokes and prods. Gasparyan pushes Adams into the corner again, but he just can't get in with anything meaningful, and that was Adams' round. 10-9 Adams

Round 2: This looks like a sparring session so far--that may be exactly what Gasparyan needs. Adams is moving him with every punch while Gasparyan barely stings with his own, but Gasparyan is donig some decent work. He chases Adams with a few counters and sends him flailing into the corner. Now Adams slugs Gasparyan with a body punch, but Gasparyan counters with an uppercut of his own and roll sunder Adams' counter hook. Adams connects with a big left uppercut, but Gasparyan is undettered, and Adams actually looks a little flinchy as Vito walks him into the ropes and sneaks in a solid right hand. Nice left hook from Gasparyan to finish the round, but I still think Adams had the better blows. 10-9 Adams

Round 3: Gasparyan connects with a nice jab, and Adams fires back with a thunderous salvo--all of them blocked, though. Hard body shot from Adams, but Gasparyan responds with three of his own. Another nice right to the body from Adams. Gasparyan is doing well on the inside now, sneaking in little punches and avoiding or blocking Adams' replies. Now he eats a heavy uppercut, though, and he covers up. And another. Now Gasparyan starts to back up, and Adam senses the opportunity. Gasparyan comes back with a few jabs. Adams slugs him with a hard right hook that knocks him toward the ropes. Adams finishes the round on the front foot, with Gasparyan seeming to have lost some of his confidence. 10-9 Adams

Round 4: Gasparyan comes forward to regain the momentum, but Adams seems to have found his rhythm now, and he exchanges heavy punches on the inside. His in-fighting looks considerably better than it did in his last fight, that's for sure. Vicious straight right to the body from Adams. Gasparyan turns him, but Adams is doing just fine with his back on the ropes, and he pushes Gasparyan back with his power. Triple jab from Gasparyan, and Adams responds to his cuteness with a blocked right hand upstairs, and a thudding right to the ribs. Low blow from Adams now, but Gasparyan seems alright, and they continue almost immediately. Gasparyan is back on the offensive, but he just can't stand his ground in the face of Adams' offense. Oh, but Gasparyan gets in with a clean counter that seems to stagger Adams briefly. He may be finding his rhythm as well. Hard punches from Adams to close the round. 10-9 Adams

Round 5: Gasparyan on the offensive once again, and his punches seem to have more pop now. he hits Adams with a few sharp, short punches, but Adams answers back, and his are still far harder. Gasparyan touches him up with a short jab, but Adams sets him back on his heels with a venomous left hook. Gasparyan continues to sneak in clean punches here and there, but every time Adams seems to answer with a much more powerful punch. Adams strings together four left hooks, attacking body-head, to put a stamp on the round. 10-9 Adams

Round 6: Adams is throwing in twos and threes now, putting his punches together very well. Gasparyan finds some success now, backing Adams into the corner and getting in with three clean punches upstairs, but Adams immediately backs him off and delivers some thudding power shots to erase any good will the judges might've felt for Gasparyan. And another flurry for Gasparyan looks to change their minds. But Adams comes right back again. He's showing a great instinct for keeping himself ahead in the fight. 10-9 Adams

Round 7: Gasparyan starts the round well with a flurry of uppercuts that knocks Adams' head around. And... well, that was odd. The referee takes a look at Gasparyan's swelling cauliflower ear, which Atlas and Tessitore were noting a few rounds before, and he stops the fight. Because of a swollen ear. That was... huh.

Stanyslav Skorokhod vs John Thompson

Round 1: Immediate contrast as Thompson comes out with his typical fleet-footed jittery style, sticking the jab, and Skorokhod stalks calmly after him. Neither man is having an easy time landing punches, but there's the first one from Skorokohd who counters Thompson's jab with a right hand. Thompson answers back with a flurry of punches, and clips Skorokhod with a hard uppercut moments later. Solid counter 1-2 from Thompson. He's got a definite speed advantage. Skorokhod lands another punch, but the speed differential hurts him as Thompson hits him right back before he can recover his guard. 10-9 Thompson

Round 2: More of the same, and Skorokhod is having the same problem that Fedosov was having earlier. He's not jabbing his way in, and Thompson is picking him off with counters. Beautiful counter cross from Thompson after Skorkhod reaches on a right hand! Skorokhod is more aggressive than last round, but starting to lose confidence in his punches. But now Skorokhod lands with a heavy right that puts Thompson on wobbly legs. But Thompson answers with his jab and convinces Skorokhod not to chase after him too eagerly. Another counter right from Skorokhod, but this one just skimmed Thompson's forehead. Thompson has a bad habit of picking his chin up when he jabs, and that might be the end of him later in this fight. 10-9 Skorokhod

Round 3: Now Skorokhod comes out with an active jab, and immediately manages to put Thompson's back against the ropes. He lands a wide right hand as Thompson moves sloppily to his left. Sharp lead right from Thompson, but he's getting a little wild with his movements. Thompson lands with a right hand, Skorokhod gets in with a lead left hook. Skorokhod is starting to get rough with Thompson now, and he nearly wrestles him to the ground when Thompson tries to clinch. Nice combination from Thompson on the inside, and he pushes Skorokhod back with a flurry of punches to seal the round. 10-9 Thompson

Round 4: Thompson back on his jab, and Skorokhod with renewed pressure. Hard left hook-right cross from Skorokhod as Thompson finds himself backed once more into the corner. Thompson is using his jab nicely to escape the corners, but keeps walking right back into the ropes. Skorokhod is starting to block the majority of his punches and throw more combinations. Two decent right hands from Skorokhod. Thompson doing more moving than punching now, and Skorokhod is pulling ahead on activity alone. 10-9 Skorokhod

Round 5: Skorokhod is waiting too much for a pressure fighter, but he has some nice success countering Thompson's jabs with his own left hand. Skorokhod gets in with a decent punch, but Thompson snaps his head back with a counter 1-2 to win the exchange. Hard jab to the chest from Skorokhod. He needs more of that to freeze Thompson and find his head with the right hand. Now it's Thompson with the right hand, countering Skorokhod's overhand with his own straight. Another counter 1-2 from Thompson, and Skorokhod comes back with a pair of body shots. Thompson seems to be defending the head shots fairly well now, and I think he sniped his way to victory to take another round. 10-9 Thompson

Round 6: Skorokhod's jab is more and more present with each round, but Thompson is still picking him off on the way in. Skorokhod going to the body with the right hand now. And again. Now Skorokhod decides to just blitz Thompson, and answers a counter with a counter of his own, wobbling Thompson momentarily. But once again Thompson recovers, and he's back on his bicycle. Skorokhod pours on the pressure now, and lands a series of hard shots. Triple jab from Skorokhod. He tries the cross counter, which Thompson seems open to, but he's too slow, and that's the bell. 10-9 Skorokhod

Round 7: Skorokhod gets in with a long counter uppercut, and the two men start exchanging. Nothing major lands, and they're back at range once more. Thompson lands with a right hand off the double jab, and Skorokhod comes back after him. Skorokhod overextends on another right hand and Thompson gets him once again with a glancing right hand counter. Another big uppercut lands for Skorokhod, and he seems to have keyed in on that as the effective punch in this fight. Skorokhod goes back to the body, but he can't land anything big, and now Thompson makes a statement with a hard cross, and a hook to follow up. Thompson is fighting southpaw all of a sudden, and he gives Skorokhod trouble with the right jab for the last twenty seconds of the round. 10-9 Thompson

Round 8: Nice right hand from Skorokhod, but Thompson looked to have taken the steam off of it by rolling his head. Now Skorokhod grabs Thompson's head with the left and lands the right uppercut. Another right uppercut gets in, this one a counter to Thompson's long jab. Thompson is moving around once again, and potentially giving away precious minutes in a very close fight. Thompson shows off some slick defense as Skorokhod chases him to the corner and hunts his head with power combinations. Another nice counter from Thompson, but Skorokhod gets in soon after with a hard right to the jaw. Razor thin round, but I'm leaning Skorokhod, which makes this a draw on my scorecard. Let's see what the judges say... 10-9 Skorokhod

Razvan Cojanu vs Donovan Dennis

Round 1: Cojanu comes out aggressively, and immediately starts making himself every bit as hateable as he was last time out by grabbing Dennis around the neck and giving the referee an obnoxious, exaggerated look of frustration. Dennis steps in and shoots a straight left hand down the middle, countering nicely inside the right hand of Cojanu. Now Dennis goes to the body with the left, and Cojanu misses on a counter. He successfully counters a Dennis jab moments later, though. Another left to the body from Dennis--great weapon against a tall opponent. Dennis steps in with a few guard-piercing uppercuts and goes back on the defensive, really highlighting Cojanu's slow footspeed by forcing him to chase him around the ring. 10-9 Dennis

Round 2: Dennis immediately takes the center of the ring and starts with more of the same, staying busy and stabbing Cojanu's abdomen with that left hand. Oh wow! Dennis drops Cojanu with an overhand left! Melted him, and Donovan Dennis is the winner by stone-cold KO!

Andrey Fedosov vs Lenroy Thomas

Round 1: Thomas puts the southpaw jab to good use early, moving side to side and doubling his jab to keep the Russian back. Solid body shot from Thomas and then he drops Fedosov with a straight left after a pawing jab! Fedosov gets back up, but Thomas is still more active, and he's looking incredibly sharp as he counters Fedosov's winging punches. Fedosov just isn't using his jab, and he's paying for it so far. Fedosov works his way in while Thomas backs into the ropes, and finally goes to work with some combinations, punctuating ineffective punches with hard left hooks to the body. 10-8 Thomas

Round 2: Fedosov comes out looking to recapture the momentum with some heavy punches, but Thomas avoids them expertly and goes to work with a solid uppercut. And another, this one to the body. Fedosov backs him into the ropes once again, and suddenly looks the much stronger fighter. Thomas isn't eating a bunch of clean shots, but his activity and footwork are completely gone once he winds up against the ropes. Nice uppercuts, though, as Fedosov simply tries to walk into range. Fedosov is committing heavily to body shots now, and that could pay dividends down the road.Thomas gets back on his bicycle and lands a few soft left hands. 10-9 Thomas.

Round 3: Fedosov back on the offensive right away, and he hits Thomas low. The referee didn't see it, so Thomas does the smart thing and hits him low right back. Nothing doing--he seems to have angered Fedosov and the Russian corners him and drops him with a flurry of punches. Thomas looks conscious and aware, but it doesn't look like he wants to get up--and he's done! Fedosov by TKO.

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