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Garcia vs Peterson: Lamont Peterson talks strategy for PBC on NBC fight

Keith "Champ" Creed sits down with Lamont Peterson to talk about tomorrow's PBC on NBC main event.

Do you feel any extra pressure to perform in front of a national audience?

"No added pressure. I'm just looking at it as just another fight, just another ring, me doing my job like I always do. I've been written off for ten years now."

You're a very laid back individual. You don't have any histrionics, you're not a brash, loudmouth guy. When you come to the ring, you handle your business. Outside the ring, you're very cool, very gracious with the press. Do you think that people have the misconception that you kind of take your foot off the gas, that you're not as focused as your opponent?

"Not really. Everyone knows I go in there to fight. When you see my fights, I normally end the fights stronger than I begin them. They say I'm a slow starter. My focus is always there. Everyone knows it. I train, and I give it my all."

When you look at the skill sets of you and your opponent, there are a lot of similarities, and a lot of differences. What do you feel gives you the key advantage over Danny Garcia?

"I just think overall, like, speed, work, workrate, things like that I have an advantage on him. I just have to make sure they play in my favor."

You said people view you as a slow starter, but some tend to think that you tkae the time to pick and choose your shoots. He may take the advantage or the opportunity to jump out on you. In camp, have you studied his tape extensively to kind of counter what he does? We know he likes to switch it up from round to round. Do you think you're prepared for the audibles he may throw your way?

"I'm totally prepared for anything that he brings to the table. I looked at some film, but I didn't really study it too much. I saw what I needed to see. I think it's all gonna be on me. For me to execute my game plan, and things will be OK."

People look to your story as an inspiration, and you've definitely persevered through a lot. In the end you're a champion inside the ring as well as outside the ring. What would you say to kids that are coming up from neighborhoods like you grew up in?

"Just make a choice. Make a choice with whatever you wanna do. If it's boxing, cool. If it's going to school, that's cool, too. But when you make a choice, stick to it. Dedicate yourself to whatever you choose. A lot of hard work and dedication, and you can really get where you want in life."

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